(Clearwisdom.net) Spokane's INB Performing Arts Center was abuzz with anticipation on Thursday night, May 21, as Shen Yun Performing Arts presented ancient Chinese culture through classical dance and music. Named after a local Native American tribe, Spokane is located in the mountains near the border of Idaho. The Spokane River runs through the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Crowe both said they really enjoyed the show.

Mr. and Mrs. Crowe

Mr. Crowe said, "It is really spectacular--the colors and the flowing costumes. What I wasn't expecting was the media background and how integrated that was. The orchestra has been outstanding, just wonderful. A parade of color in motion parading constantly on the stage. I don't know where to watch with so much happening on the stage. I need to come back again at some point and watch the other half of the stage. It's just been wonderful."

Mrs. Crowe thought that all the dancing was beautiful, but as a singer, she also loved the songs. She said, "The words are very inspirational, very beautiful. The musicians are wonderful and the singers are wonderful--inspiring, spiritually inspiring. The words [of the songs] are beautiful--they made me cry."

Mr. Crowe said. "The music and ... the lyrics are inspirational and they cross continents and oceans. ... Good messages there for us to heed, for all of us to live by."

"It applies to everyone, no matter what religion or background. Something we should keep in our hearts," Mrs. Crowe added.

She also liked the orchestra with the combination of Western and Chinese instruments. "Wonderful sound-- very full," she said.

They were sitting close to the orchestra, which made the experience even more unique for them. "Sitting this close to the orchestra you can feel it coming at you, as well as hear it--it's great." Mr Crowe said. "More personal than recorded music."

He said he would call his daughters on the phone and tell them, "If you can find out where it is on, go and see it."

Sales & Marketing Director: "It was very uplifting and a lot of fun"

Mr. Higgins, a sales and marketing director for a local newspaper and president and chief operating officer of a sister media company, was excited about the show. When he first saw the promotional videos of the show he thought it was phenomenal and wanted to help bring the performance to the city of Spokane. Tonight he said he thought the show was "fabulous," and he particularly liked the drumming.

Mr. Higgins said, "It was very uplifting and a lot of fun. I enjoyed the dances very much, such fabulous costuming. ... The male groups did a particularly fine job, but the female dancers were beautiful. I've seen some Chinese dance before, but I have never seen anything quite this good. This was really, really excellent. I thought the best thing about the show, in many ways, was the costuming. The fabrics and the color combinations were extraordinary throughout. And, of course, the talent--the group is very talented."

Director of the Spokane Arts Commission: "The dancing was exquisite"

Among the audience was Ms. Mobley, Director of the Spokane Arts Commission. She was "very excited" to be at the show, adding that Shen Yun "is really beautiful--I knew it would be. The choreography is really lovely. The costumes are beautiful."

She said that she really liked the colorful dances: "The one where the women are wearing the really bright skirts. The Yi people were pretty cool. I liked 'Welcoming Spring,' that was really lovely, with the fans--the fans were beautiful."

Ms. Mobley said that Shen Yun is a "harking back to traditions that people love, and how could you not be romantic about that?" She also added that the "choreography was really good. Their timing was really good--it's wonderful. I'm glad they're here. It's better than I expected."

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