(Clearwisdom.net) Jilin Prison is the second largest prison in Jilin Province. 2800 inmates are there serving long sentences. The prison uses various methods to persecute detained Falun Gong practitioners and inmates, especially the "Small Cells" in the "Intense Discipline Unit." This has led to the deaths and disability of over one hundred inmates over the past several years.

After the autumn of 2008, the prison changed the name of the "Intense Discipline Unit" to the "Punishment and Correction Center." Director Sun Fengjun and police officers Dong Jian and Liu Tong manage this center. Inmates Fan Tiejun, Liang Xinming, Sun Xinghe, Ma Jingyu, and Fu Xuebing are involved, too.

Sun Fengjun, a former policeman, was sentenced for extortion in1998. Later he was promoted to be the director of the "Intense Discipline Unit." After he got into power, he made a brutal rule: Anyone who sent to the small cells would be subjected to being "Hung Up," and any resistance would result in a beating before being hung up. Sun Xinghe, Liang Xinming, Fan Tiejun, Ma Jingyu, and Fu Xuebing, following Sun Fengjun's order, beat and tortured any detained person everyday.

1. Practitioner Mr. Liu Yuhe

In October 2008, Sun Xinghe, Fan Tiejun, and Liang Xinming, under Sun Fengjun's orders, sujected Mr. Liu Yuhe to the "Big Hang Up" for two days. Mr. Liu was severely injured. His hands are still numb. He was also forced to soil himself while being hung up. Later he was forced to "Stool Sit" for one month. He wrote an appeal letter regarding his torture after he was released back to his jail cell.

On November 28, 2008, prison policeman Dai Jun took Mr. Liu Yuhe to the "Intense Discipline Unit" again. At around 8 a.m. on January 14, 2009, Mr. Liu was severely beaten by inmates Sun Xinghe, Liang Xinming, and Fan Tiejun. At 7:30 p.m., Fan Tiejun took Mr. Liu out of the cell. Fan, Ma Jingyu, Sun Xinghe, and Cui Yong then stripped Mr. Liu and forced him to sit on the floor, where they beat him again. Guards Liu Tong and Li were present but did not stop them. Mr. Liu was let go by prison police after the inmates were tired from beating him.

At 8:10 p.m., Liang Xingming beat Mr. Liu again in a restroom. Mr. Liu ended up with a bloody nose and vomiting. Even worse, he had a heart attack due to the severe beating. Fan Tiejun and Ma Jingyu gave Mr. Liu drugs and get him go.

Mr. Liu Yuhe's hands are disabled and they often give him a lot of pail. His family members are trying to bring those who committed this crime to justice and get compensation.

2. Practitioner Mr. Zhang Wenfeng

Around 9:00 p.m. on April 17, 2008, inmates of Prison Ward 3, Division 3, mixed drugs into Mr. Zhang Wenfeng's food. After eating the food, he lost consciousness and was sexually abused. Inmates Xie Guochen and Zhang Hui were responsible for the management of prisoners in their cells. Mr. Zhang reported this to guard Chai Hongjun, who was responsible for this division. Chai said, "I'll report it to the prison administration." On the same day, Mr. Shi Wenzhuo (see #3) was being held under close watch as punishment. A half month later he was released.

In mid-September 2008, Mr. Zhang's head became swollen and he felt weak all over. Around noontime, while he was working, he felt hot and rolled up his shirtsleeves. He discovered what appeared to be a needle mark in the vein of his right wrist. He suspected that his swollen head and weakness were caused by the injection of unknown drugs. He reported it to guard Mr. Chai and requested a medical examination. The following day, Mr. Chai took Mr. Zhang to the prison hospital, but the doctor there flatly refused to examine him. Mr. Chai confined Mr. Zhang again on September 23, 2008.

Ordered by guard Sun Fengjun, inmate Fan Tiejun pushed Mr. Zhang into a cell. Mr. Zhang's hands were tied up and he was hung up. He lost consciousness after suffering in this position for almost half an hour. He did not know how much time passed before the inmate who was in charge of his torture finally untied him. The inmate then wrapped up Mr. Zhang's entire body with adhesive tape and threw him on the floor. He laid on the ground, nearly comatose, for a day and a night.

Mr. Zhang was illegally confined and tortured for over three months. His neck and chest hurt terribly. He lost consciousness several times and was close to dying. He requested a medical examination, but the prison hospital doctors replied, "You can't be treated unless you go to a hospital outside the prison and get diagnosed, then we can treat your illness." Currently, Mr. Zhang has back pain, has suffered serious physical and mental torture, and has lodged several requests to be taken to a hospital for a medical examination and treatment.

3. Practitioner Mr. Shi Wenzuo

Shi Wenzuo, from Prison Division 3, has been sent to the "Intense Discipline Unit" several times. The torture has resulted in him having heart attacks. Mr. Shi has back pain and has suffered serious physical and mental torture. His family members are suing those responsible, criminal inmates Li Yongsheng and Wang Yuanchun.

4. Practitioner Mr. Sun Qian

Sun Qian, from Prison Division 2, was tortured in the "Intense Discipline Unit" several times. He was locked up in small cells and has been tortured with the "Stretching Bed," ( in which they tie the four limbs of the victim to a special bed with four rings attached to the corners) and "Stool Sitting." He has suffered serious physical and mental torture.

5. Practitioner Mr. Diao Shujun

Diao Shujun, from Prison Division 7, was detained in the "Correction Center" in 2004. Two inmates took turns to watching him 24/7. Mr. Diao was fixed to a bed on the ground and inmates poured boiling water on this stomach and upper body. Blisters developed all over his body. To prevent him from screaming, a dirty cloth was stuffed into his mouth. His wounds became swollen and festered.

6. Practitioner Mr. Tan Qiucheng

Tan Qiucheng, from Prison Division 5, has been sent to the Intense Discipline Unit several times. He was tortured using the "Stretching Bed" for a long time. Mr. Tan protested the persecution. He has been through the "Stool Sitting" and other torture methods as well.

7. Practitioner Mr. Zhang Hongwei

Zhang Hongwei from Prison Division 10, was locked up in a "Small Cells" as well as being subjected to the "Stretching Bed" and "Stool Sitting". He is also often abused by inmates. Currently he is still being tortured.

There are many regular inmates who have been tortured to death or disabled.

The set up arrangement of the small cells in the "Closely-Watched Team" has several benches. The first several rows are six cm wide, and several benches on the back are a little wider. The bench is about 30cm high. People who have no money to bribe with will be put on the first several benches. People who have money to bribe, who have been detained for a long time, or who know how to say nice things to the guards are put on the benches at the back. They are forced to sit there from 4 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. They must sit up straight. This prolonged sitting really hurts. The skin on the backside ends up becoming infected and festers. If you move, you will be dragged out for a beating. In a worse case you will be hung up. A 1/4 lb corn bun and a strip of salted vegetables are all that is served for every meal. Everyday people have to endure hunger. The bed on the ground is not more then 10 meter wide. The edges of the bed are occupied by inmates who have money to bribe . Over twenty people must sleep together, one next to the other. Only three restroom times are allowed a day.

This is a small sampling of the persecution inside Jilin Prison. There are many brutal persecution cases that are still being covered up by the prison.