(Clearwisdom.net) On March 23, 2009, the National Security Bureau of Hunan Province conspired with the 610 Office and the public security bureau in Wangcheng County to take Ms. Zhou Min, the wife of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Xiong Jinze, from her home. Two months earlier Mr. Xiong had been arrested and tortured in a forced labor camp, resulting in him becoming disabled.

Sixteen days after Ms. Zhou was arrested and taken to a detention camp in Wangcheng County, she was released due to the family's adamant demands. At present, the Xiong family is still being closely monitored by plainclothes police officers.

On March 23, 2009, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) personnel from the National Security Bureau of Hunan Province, the 610 Office, and the public security bureau in Wangcheng County went to Mr. Xiong's house and harassed his family. They completely ransacked his house. Using a few copies of "Minghui Weekly" and Zhuan Falun that they had found as "evidence," they took his wife, Ms. Zhou Min, away.

In order to protect his innocent wife and three-old-year daughter, Mr. Xiong stepped forward, in spite of his disability, and attempted to reason with the CCP personnel: "These things belong to me. They have nothing to do with my wife. If you want to take someone with you, then take me."

With contempt the officers replied, "We insist on taking your wife, leaving a cripple like you and a helpless child to fend for yourselves. We don't want you to lead a good life."

Back on October 31, 2007, the police had taken Mr. Xiong to a brainwashing center near the Wangchengpo Police Station. Because Mr. Xiong refused to be brainwashed, he was sentenced to forced labor for two years. In the afternoon on November 1, 2007, he was taken to Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp in Changsha City.

On January 20, 2009, Mr. Xiong was pushed to the ground by the police and his hip was fractured. He was unable to get up. He was taken to the Number Three Hospital in Changsha City. The hospital required him to pay 50,000 yuan. He had no money, because the police had long ago stolen all his valuables. In order to shirk responsibility, they released him. He was taken home by his family that night.

Mr. Xiong was bedridden after he returned home. His entire family's livelihood depended solely on his wife's meager wages. They had finally reunited, although they had to live modestly. However, good things didn't last long for the family. Shortly after they were reunited, the police came and took his wife away as described above.

Mr. Xiong's Young Daughter Narrowly Escaped a Suspicious Car Accident

Since Jiang Zemin and his gang started persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999, Mr. Xiong has been illegally detained four times. Over the years, because of the persecution, Mr. Xiong has been tormented physically and mentally. His family has gone through much suffering, and his now three-year-old daughter has also experienced great difficulties.

Mr. Xiong's daughter was born on January 1, 2006. On December 20, 2005, he had been taken by the police to the First Detention Center of Changsha City. His wife, who was pregnant at that time, overcame many difficulties traveling from police stations to detention centers, asking the police to release her husband. Four days after his daughter was born, Mr. Xiong was finally released due to his critical condition after going on a hunger strike for 15 days. However, because of repeated harassment and illegal monitoring by the police, he was forced to leave his wife and daughter and become homeless. Even when he was not at home, his family was still monitored by the police, causing them to live in fear and anxiety. When Mr. Xiong's daughter was eight months old, she was in a car accident that almost killed her. Her 50-year-old aunt died in the accident.

This eight-month-old baby suffered four broken ribs

At about 8 p. m. on August 15, 2006, after Mr. Xiong's wife and daughter got home from a walk, they found that police officers from the Public Security Bureau of Changsha City had intruded into their home. Worrying that the baby would get scared, she and her aunt decided to stay out of their house temporarily. At about midnight, as the three of them were walking down a narrow road, a car slowly came upon them from behind. After it went three meters ahead of them, it suddenly reversed quickly. The car moved so fast that they couldn't avoid it. Her aunt threw the baby just before she was run over by the car. Scared, Mr. Xiong's wife shouted for help and rushed into the crowd. The driver sped away.

Aunt's family held up a banner at the South Railway Station of Changsha to protest the persecution

The baby landed in a pile of sand, but she was seriously injured and four of her ribs were broken. Ms. Zhou Min's aunt was crushed by the wheels of the car and killed. It was a horrible sight.

According to the investigator's report, the car rolled over her aunt repeatedly. Investigators conjectured that if the perpetrator could drive down such a narrow road, he was very alert. Since the car passed three people and then reversed, it was not possible that the driver didn't know someone was on the road. That is to say, the driver knew he would cause an accident if he went into reverse. Then why did he do it? Even if he needed to go into reverse, he could have avoided the accident if he had signaled to the pedestrians If it was an accident, why would he be so cruel as to repeatedly roll over her? This is not what a normal driver would do. When her aunt's family went to the South Railway Station of Changsha to protest, some officers warned them, "If you don't go away, we will arrest you."

Because this accident raised so many questions for the investigators, it was treated as a premeditated murder. During the investigation, the police from the National Security Bureau skulked around the scene.