(Clearwisdom.net) On January 8, 2009, Ms. Chen Xiumei, a Falun Dafa from Baoding City, Hebei Province, was arrested by officers from the Jingxiu Police Station. She was taken to the Baoding Detention Center during the evening. On January 15, she was sent for labor re-education at the Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp without trial. In the labor camp, Chen Xiumei was tortured by the guards. Since mid-March, she has been on a hunger strike to protest against the persecution.

On January 23, 2009, Chen Xiumei's husband went to the labor camp to visit her. He took clothes and food to her, but was not allowed to see her. Two weeks ago, after trying many ways to find out the condition of his wife, he was told that he could see her. However, he went twice to the labor camp and was told by the guards on duty that as long as his wife refuses to give up Falun Gong, he will not be able to see her.

Ms. Chen Xiumei was born on August 20, 1957. She used to work for the Baoding Cotton Mill. Below are the details of the persecution Ms. Chen has suffered in the labor camp.

Since Ms. Chen Xiumei refuses to wear the prisoner's uniform in the Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp, guard team leader Liu Ziwei shocked her with electric batons. Ms. Chen was shocked in this manner on her breasts, genital area, hip and buttocks for doing the Falun Gong exercises. Ms. Chen's body was covered with bruises due to the daily torture. The main culprits were guard Liu Ziwei and prisoners Zhu Liying, Li Yuanyuan, Wu Haixia, Liu Juan and Liu Songzhen. As soon as Li Yuanyuan saw Ms. Chen, she dragged her out to torture her, including pouring boiling water on her. Beatings by inmates and guards occurred on a regular basis.

Once, Chen Xiumei couldn't sleep, so she sat up in the meditation posture with her legs crossed and both hands co-joined. Liu Ziwei saw this and tried to pull her down by grabbing her hair, but Ms. Chen held onto the bed tightly. Liu Ziwei ripped out a handful of Ms. Chen's hair, and she nearly fell to the ground. Liu Ziwei then took Ms. Chen to the hall and brutally tortured her. Liu Zeiwei ripped off Ms. Chen's clothes to force her to wear the prisoner's uniform.

In the labor camp, the prisoners are only allowed to use the toilet at a certain time. When Chen Xiumei didn't go to the toilet at the required time, inmate Li Yuanyuan dragged her by the hair, slapped her face and kicked her. Another prisoner Liu Songzhen grabbed her hair with both hands and rammed her head hard against the wall.

Once, after finishing her meal at the hall, Chen Xiumei went to the bathroom by herself. Upon finding out about this unsupervised trip to the bathroom, re-education instructor Jiang Yumin rushed over and beat her while she was still in the bathroom.

Liu Juan is a prisoner designated to supervise Ms. Chen. Once, she beat Ms. Chen's leg with her shoes until her shoes were broken. Since then, Ms. Chen has been limping badly. Her legs are so swollen that she is unable to walk and look after herself.

On several occasions, Chen Xiumei has been isolated in room 102. It is unclear what she has endured in that room.

Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp Guards in Section 1 of Team 1:
Team Leader Liu Ziwei from Baoding Labor Camp
Wang Weiwei
Zhang Yanyan

Hou Xiaoxia, over 20, from Shibeiwang Village, Jiangwu Township, Yongnian County, Hantan City
Guo Wenlian, 47 yrs old, from Wuji County, Shijiazhuang City

Jingxiu Park Police Station
Director Peng Haijun: 86-13931280998 (Cell), 86-13333128238 (Cell)
Deputy Director Wang Hongxin (main responsible person): 86-13932251511 (Cell)

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