(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained Dafa in the spring of 2006. No words can express the extent of my appreciation to Master. Master taught me to be a good person, to be a noble person, to cleanse my body, and to dissolve the hatred in past lives. Master did so much for me. I will feel grateful forever.

In the spring of 2006, I got to know a kind practitioner and started my cultivation. That first evening when I read "Zhuan Falun," I dreamed that I was sitting at the edge of the galaxy with stars hanging above and I was playing. Suddenly, at the highest point of the celestial body, there was a bright spot which suddenly illuminated the entire galaxy with brilliant colorful rays that looked like a Falun or a golden Buddha. Later, I often dreamed of my husband (a fellow practitioner) in his previous lives. He also had such dreams, too. We realized that, although it had seemed so simple to attain the Fa, it was really not that simple based on the historical arrangements. In this life, we must cultivate ourselves well, assist Master in Fa-rectification, fulfill our mission, reach consummation, and follow Master to return home.

Looking inward to cultivate oneself

I read an article "Looking Inward; Improving in the Fa" published on September 16, 2008 (Chinese version: http://search.minghui.org/mh/articles/2008/9/16/185922.html) and deeply realized how important it is to handle tribulations based on the Fa. I became more diligent in studying the Fa everyday and never missed any opportunities to improve my xinxing.

During the Mid-autumn Festival holidays, my husband and I went back to his parent's home in the countryside. During that time, my husband received a short letter from a former female classmate who used to pursue him. My father-in-law commented in the crowded room in front of everyone that, if my husband had married her, he would immediately have become rich, which would have taken him 20 years of effort otherwise. Although I didn't say anything, I felt very unhappy. While we were there, my parent-in-law urged us to have a baby as soon as possible. They suggested we should go to see a doctor to check if anything was abnormal. They even held a small meeting without my presence to discuss what to do if I could not get pregnant.

While I was at the home of my parents-in-law, I had to take care of children or do farm work and didn't have much time to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. Finally, I didn't maintain my xinxing well. On the way home, I couldn't help but complain to my husband about his family and cried terribly after arriving home.

Later, I calmed down and looked inward. I thought of what Master taught. I realized that my behavior was really bad. Master has taught us the Fa very clearly in Zhuan Falun and other lectures. We just need to follow it in practice. However, I was interfered with by human notions. Whenever I heard others saying bad things about me, I would become angry. Did I act like a genuine practitioner? How could I have conflicts with ordinary people? They are the people whom we should save. Because of my bad behavior, I have damaged the good reputation of Dafa practitioners. Saying bad words behind them will strengthen the demons controlling them. If ordinary people could understand me like I expected them to, would they still be ordinary people? Human notions and the CCP culture have become the biggest interferences in my cultivation. To break through it, I read Zhuan Falun and study more. Whenever I don't read the book for a few days, I feel messy thoughts arise, and they even interfer with me when sending forth righteous thoughts. Whenever I calm down and read the Fa, those bad thoughts are gone and I'm able to send righteous thoughts with a calm mind. I can feel the strong energy and feel very comfortable.

Through that trip during the Mid-autumn Festival, I also found many attachments within me: being jealous of those who are better than me, a competitive mentality, fame and self-interest, vanity concerning my own reputation, selfishly hoping to get returns after being good to others, etc. In this strange city, I often stay at home and do not have opportunities to meet with different people. I can study the Fa all day long and just communicate with my husband and a fellow practitioner. I feel I'm in a good state of cultivation. However, when dealing with other people and encountering tribulations, I didn't do well. It doesn't count when attachments are not triggered.

Don't miss the opportunity to save the sentient beings who are waiting for us

In August, a college classmate was going to have a wedding and they also wanted to have a big gathering. It was around the Beijing Summer Olympic Games and security was very tight in that city. After carefully discussing the situation, the fellow practitioner and I decided to go to that city by train. Most of our classmates have married and many of them are quite accomplished. They are professors, heads of research centers, company managers, government officials, and so on. We sent righteous thoughts even before we set out to clean other dimensions around ourselves and that city. We also kept sending righteous thoughts when we were around our classmates in that city. At last, with Master's help, all our classmates and their wives we met quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

On the morning we were planning to return, we needed to go to a bank to withdraw some money. I suggested we call a taxi, but the other practitioner said he remembered there might be a branch bank nearby and we could just walk. On the way, he met an old colleague from a long time ago and helped her and her husband quit the CCP. Later, we learned there was no bank branch where the fellow practitioner had presumed it was. But that morning he was so sure there was one there. It was indeed arranged by Master so that two sentient beings' lives were saved.

On the following day, we had an appointment to meet a former colleague. However, she didn't answer her phone. We only had two hours left. We kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Since we had walked a lot that morning, my feet were really tired. I had a thought that it was really troublesome, but I immediately realized the thought was wrong and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. I said to Master, "It is not trouble. No matter how tired I am, I want to help save this sentient being." A few minutes later, she answered the call and immediately agreed to come to meet us. After she came, everything went smoothly. We helped her and her family members quit the CCP. My husband had talked to her before, but she was not convinced. This time, we just had a causal chat and she immediately accepted the advice. We also found out, just the day before we met, that she had felt really sick and was unable to get out of bed. That day we met, she felt a little better. Her husband and her son happened to go out early in the morning, otherwise, she would have had to cook for her son and would not have had time to meet us. It was another opportunity that Master arranged for his disciples.

Such things happened to us many times. Our mission is to save sentient beings. To those practitioners, especially the new ones, we should persevere in doing so. As long as we have few human notions, have Dafa in our mind, and believe Master sincerely, we will have enough wisdom to fulfill our most sacred mission to save sentient beings in the best arranged way.

Trifling things such as collecting phone numbers, sending righteous thoughts near the evil places, or clarifying the truth with messages written on paper money seem so ordinary, but they are extraordinary in another dimension. No matter how hard and long we have walked our path, it is worth it to wait for thousands of years, ten of thousands of years, as long as we obtain the Fa. No matter how long we cultivate, as long as the Fa-rectification has not ended, all practitioners must do the three things well with no excuses, because we are particles of Dafa and we are the greatest beings in the history of the universe.