(Clearwisdom.net) Sometime before May 1, 2009, I decided to visit elderly Practitioner A because he was dealing with sickness interference. Since I could not find his home, I first went to the home of Practitioner B.

When I talked to Practitioner B about the situation of Practitioner A, B showed no concern about A's current situation, but mentioned some of his shortcomings. I felt very sad when I heard what B said. At such a moment, practitioners did not care about each other but were separated by the old forces and even said some words which were not good for other practitioners nor for the whole body.

As a practitioner I realized that it was not accidental that I heard those words. I recalled that Master taught us a powerful tool -- looking inward. I found some attachments in myself which I had given free rein to recently: laziness, hatred, deeply hidden lust, attachment to getting sympathy from others, etc. My field was so unrighteous. I was shocked. No wonder the evil takes advantage of our loopholes.

Practitioner B did not want me to visit Practitioner A. I just stayed in B's home to clean my own field. I sent righteous thoughts every hour. When I sent righteous thoughts, I had two aims: one was to completely eliminate all evil elements and rotten spirits which separate practitioners; the other was to completely eliminate sickness demons which interfere with practitioners through sickness. Although practitioners have loopholes, the evil is not allowed to persecute them.

Except for a few hours of sleep, I sent righteous thoughts for more than a day. At that time, when I half closed my eyes, I saw that there were Falun revolving all over in Practitioner B's home, which meant that the field there was clear and peaceful.

In the afternoon, Practitioner B suddenly asked me to visit Practitioner A with him. He also bought fruit for Practitioner A. It took us much effort to find Practitioner A. However, B expressed concern for A and kept sending righteous thoughts. His attitude had completely changed, compared to the time when I first arrived at his home.

As practitioners, we must look inside in any situation. It is a truly powerful tool.