An Amazing Story About Our Teacher in Tianjin City

( When our Teacher was teaching Falun Dafa in Tianjin City, one practitioner's mother, who was over 70 years old, had been suffering from a slipped disc in her back for many years. She couldn't keep her back straight, had difficulty walking, and was nearly paralyzed. This practitioner called Teacher and told him about her mother's illness. Over the phone, Teacher told her to hold her mother up, let her mother stand on the floor, and then slightly bend her body forward. Her mother looked perplexed, thinking about how she had not been able to bend forward for many years, so how could she do it now? Teacher kindly encouraged her to bend forward slowly and told her that she could bend her back. The old lady finally plucked up the courage and miraculously bent forward. After bending and straightening several times, her back didn't hurt anymore. She could bend her back at will. Teacher had healed a serious health condition that had begun dozens of years before in a few minutes.

The old lady and I lived in the same complex. Then, when I obtained the Fa, the lady told me, "See! My back is completely healed. Falun Gong is indeed miraculous!"

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Child Is Cured with a Touch from Master's Hand (Photos)

By a Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

( Upon hearing that Master Li would leave Dalian on December 31, 1994, some Falun Dafa practitioners went to the Dalian Airport with flowers in their hands to send Master Li off. One of the practitioners went to wait for Master Li with her seven or eight year old, mentally disabled son in the waiting room.

The boy's mother had painted a red dot on the boy's forehead to show happiness. When Master Li saw the boy, he gently touched the boy's head. The child's foolish grin stopped right away, and the expression of his eyes returned to normal. Ever since that moment, he has been a normal child. The red dot on his forehead miraculously turned white. Many Falun Dafa practitioners witnessed how Master compassionately corrected the little boy's condition. A practitioner took these two precious pictures below.


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Miraculous Things I Have Seen When I Was With Master


1. Prolonging a life for two years

In November 1992, Master came to Guan County to lecture. At that time, my husband was very weak. One day I invited Master to have dinner at our home. After dinner, Master sat on the sofa of the inner room. I walked up and asked Master, "How long will my husband live?" Master said, "I cannot say." Master whispered a few words to a disciple who was accompanying him at the time, and then the disciple told me, "His remaining days will not be long, and will be over very soon." At that moment, I poured out my difficulties and requested Master to prolong his lifetime. Master said, "I can leave him on earth; however, if when he should go he doesn't go, he will make a mistake."

On November 23, Master left for Beijing and I saw Him off. When we went to Liaocheng District, we six took pictures. At that time, Master called my husband's name, and the disciple told me, "This time your husband has been saved. Master has prolonged his lifetime for two years."

My husband died of illness on December 29, 1994. Master prolonged his life span by almost exactly two years. At 2:00 a.m. on December 28, my husband spoke to me suddenly, "This is all because of you. Why am I all tied up?" It appears that in some other dimension, he was tied up and being punished for a crime he committed.

2. Cleaning up the environment and placing a shield over my house

In 1992, Master came to my house. The first thing He did was circle the perimeter of the courtyard. Then He waved his hand and said to me, "From now on you should do the exercises diligently. There will be no more interference. I have cleaned everything up in other dimensions and there is a dragon above and a divine land underneath. I have also placed a shield above the entire courtyard so bad things cannot enter.

In 1993, a man who had practiced another qigong met me and said, "It is so difficult to enter your door. I tried three times but failed. Finally, I had the idea to lower my head and raise my two hands and then I was able to come in." From this case I could understand Master's enormous power and Falun Gong's supernatural effects.

When Master came to my home for the second time, he cleaned up my house once more. I appreciate Master very much.

3. Memorable Teachings

On April 26, 1994, Master held the seventh Fa-lecture series. Twenty-six people in Guan County attended. A practitioner in Jinan City helped us buy the train tickets. When he bought the tickets, he showed the ticket agent an advanced study certificate and was able to buy twenty-six tickets at half price.

When we got the tickets, we found the tickets were purchased at half price. Before getting on the train I wanted to go to the ticket office to pay the rest of the money. Some practitioners did not agree with me, and said, "When they come to check we will pay." So I did not pay the rest of the money, which was a result of my human notions. We had our tickets checked over at the Jinan Railway Station, and three of us paid sixty yuan.

We met with a special situation in Tianjin City and needed to transfer to another train. Each of us paid sixty yuan. When I got off the train in Changchun City, my ticket was checked again. They asked me how many other people were together with us. The practitioners, who had already come out of the station, asked me not to speak out. Under these circumstances, I felt very impatient. We nine people should pay four hundred and fifty yuan. I asked the personnel of the station, "It cost only fifty yuan from Jinan City to Changchun City, why should we pay another fifty yuan?" He replied, "This is the stipulation, including the penalty."

When we arrived at the auditorium Master had already started the lecture. Master said, "Isn't it dishonest behavior to accept special treatment when you should not? Was this how I have taught you to behave?" At that time we felt very ashamed. After finishing the lecture, we returned to the hotel. I said, "Whoever got checked on the train lost money. I got checked three times and got rebuked on top of it." All of us thought that we were in it together and should pay the balance of the owed money. After calculating the cost, we were surprised to find out that the fines that some of us paid plus our original payment added up to what the original price should have been. This time we all understood that Master was watching over us at all times on our cultivation paths. If we go awry Master would give us a lesson in time.

During the lecture, I really felt that I could not face Master. In addition, I felt ashamed after hearing Master's teachings, and it will remain in my heart forever.

4. Master helped rescue my daughter's preexisting teacher

In November 1992, Master finished his lectures in Guan County. On November 23, Master was going to Beijing. At night on November 22, my daughter and I went to where Master was staying to say goodbye. At that time, a lot of practitioners went. Master asked my daughter to wash apples for everyone. My daughter did what she was asked to do and kept silent. After returning home I complained that she was so ignorant. My daughter cried and said suddenly, "He is not my teacher. My teacher was pushed down to the bottom of an iceberg. He made mistakes in heaven. He has been pushed down for eighteen years, since I am eighteen years old." When I heard her words, which didn't seem to make any sense, I thought something was wrong with her mind.

The next day when I saw Master off from Liaocheng District, Master asked me why I did not bring my daughter with me. I told Master what happened yesterday. Master said, "You did not talk about this earlier. If you told me I would have solved the problem for her earlier." When our car arrived at Pingyin Bridge, the traffic was blocking us. Master got out of the car and did a gesture towards the east, and then returned and said, "Your daughter is a Tao, and her teacher is not under the iceberg, but in limbo. I have saved him. You can ask her when you return home, and she should know it." It was just noon.

When I got in the car I closed my eyes and entered meditation. At this time, I saw a person with his hair pulled up, dressed in a bronze-colored Taoist gown, and with a body filled with repeated black and white yin yang symbols. He sat in the lotus position facing towards the west, and there was a horsetail whisk on his arm. After finishing the meditation, I said to Master, "A high-level person from the Lingyan Temple is coming to meet us. I saw a man sitting in his car who is the same as the person I have seen in meditation." Master said, "That person is not from the Lingyan Temple. He is your daughter's teacher. He was dressed in a Taoist gown."

After I returned home, I asked my daughter, "What did you feel at noon when I left for Jinan City?" She said, "At noon, after I finished cooking, I went to the yard and saw the clothing you washed was drying. I was so glad. I have a good mother and I am so lucky." I know the reason that brought her happiness. It was because Master rescued her previous teacher from limbo that she was so happy.

The above is what I have experienced and seen in person. Because so many miraculous things happened around me, I believed in Master and Dafa more, and my will for cultivation has never wavered. I have written down these incidents in hopes that those practitioners who have not caught up with Fa-rectification can hurry up and do the three things well, so that finally we can follow our Master to return home and reach Consummation.


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A Miraculous Occurrence While Master was Lecturing in Beijing

By a practitioner from Beijing


From 1992 to 1994, when Master was giving lectures and spreading Falun Gong in Beijing, I was one of the staff in Beijing working for the lectures. Since I was a driver before, I was fortunate to become the driver for Master. At that time, since Master was already well-known in Beijing after holding lectures there in person and also after the two health expositions, almost everyone knew that in Beijing there was a Master Li. I felt so happy and blessed to be able to drive for Master.

Master is very tall and strong, and he is very affable and amiable. When Master was giving the lectures in Beijing, since there were many things that he needed to deal with, in order to save time he usually ate a simple meal of noodles, instant noodles, and rice noodles, and he stayed in ordinary apartments. When he went out, he usually walked. It was only when he was giving lectures and needed to be quick or when he traveled far out of town that he would use the car. Master healed people's illnesses. It did not matter if there were many people or few people, their illnesses departed at a touch of Master's hand. Sometimes there were thousands of people in the same place, and when Master gave the word, everyone would stamp their feet on the floor and most of their illnesses would disappear right away. When they stepped out of the door of the lecture hall, they felt very light. Over a few years, Master performed numerous miracles in the big city of Beijing, highly praised by the people and with a story on everybody's lips.

Here I only want to share one of the many miracles that I experienced myself.

Once I drove Master to a place for a lecture. Since it was pretty far, in order to get there on time, Master and I left early. Unexpectedly on our way, we were caught in a traffic jam in the downtown area, and it was really troublesome. There were many different kinds of cars in Beijing and whenever there was a traffic jam, within several minutes there would always be a long line of cars jammed up. It was almost time for Master's lecture, so I was burning with impatience.

Looking at me being so impatient, Master told me peacefully: "Please step out of the car and have a look." I immediately left the car and went over to the roadside: Wow, there was a one-to-two mile line-up of all kinds of cars. We didn't know how long we would have to wait until the jam would be cleared. It seemed impossible to reach the lecture place on time, so I ran quickly to report to Master: "Master, we can hardly move, because there is a long line of traffic." At this moment, I heard Master whispering to me: "Get in the car. Get in the car." I looked to where Master's voice came from, and within a very short time I discovered that I, together with the car, had been brought to the outside gate of the lecture place. Master was smiling at me and gesturing to me to go upstairs to listen to the lectures.

Suddenly I enlightened to the principle that Master mentioned in "Martial Arts Qigong" in Zhuan Falun, "...and then there's the levitation abilities, where people can move about high up in the air, and some people can even vanish into other dimensions." Master had moved me together with the car. At that moment, I felt a very warm current coming over my body, and I felt from the depth of my heart that our Master is so great and our Falun Dafa is so great. This story sounds unbelievable, but I experienced it in person. Original posting at
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