Walk the Path That Master Has Arranged

In our city, the largest site for printing truth clarification materials was discovered by officials from the Chinese Communist Party and destroyed at the beginning of 2005. From this event, practitioners learned of the dangers of operating a large materials site. Guided by the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, practitioners began to establish smaller sites, and they spread widely, like Spring flowers blossoming everywhere. Under Master's arrangement, our city was fortunate to have a technically knowledgeable practitioner who possessed the necessary skills and expertise to assist other practitioners in setting up their own home materials site. With help from the website, this practitioner began to promote the use of photocopiers citywide to other practitioners.

Initially I was not very diligent at getting involved with setting up a materials site and relied on fellow practitioners. One evening, a practitioner unexpectedly delivered a photocopier to me and told me that from now on they would collect the truth clarification materials from my home. This practitioner left shortly after showing me how to use the photocopier. The whole event caught me off guard, as I had not been mentally prepared for this.

After some time had elapsed, the practitioner that dropped had off the photocopier asked me, "What did you think when I dropped off the copier? I feared that you would say no to doing the photocopying. But after a discussion with another practitioner, we decided the copier should be yours, whether you wanted it or not, because we thought you could handle it." I replied, "When I thought about it, I enlightened that it was Master's arrangement, because he didn't want to leave behind a non-diligent disciple like me. My gratitude and appreciation for Master that he has chosen me has molded me like a piece of gold. Even though on the surface it looked like follow practitioners trusted me, in reality, it was Master who chose me, for which I am happy. For the first time, I am gratefule from the bottom of my heart for all the practitioners that have helped me on my cultivation path." Because I am walking the path Master has arranged, the road has been very smooth from the beginning to the end. This photocopier has validated the Fa with me for over a year now, and I have never encountered any problems.

Practitioners then started to promote the use of a computer and a printer for the materials sites, so I bought a computer and started to learn how to use the computer to copy truth clarification materials onto a compact disc. For a period of time, I didn't dare access the Internet through personal fear of the security dangers. Later I discovered that many practitioners had the same notions as I did. This was an inconvenience and a worry about the hidden dangers for the development of our truth clarification materials sites. In order to keep up with the progress of Fa rectification, I thought that it was only right that I should access the Internet for as long as Dafa needs me. I wanted to browse the Internet but was still worried about the security issues. Coincidently, my work unit had just signed a group contract, with preferential discounts, to enter the Internet, which my colleague had installed. Naturally, my problem to access the Internet had been solved. Any disciple's desire, if the idea has met with the level of the requirement of the Fa, Master will surely help. Every bit of a disciple's progress is all under the watchful eye of Master's benevolence and his suffering to save us.

Improve Cultivation by Working From a Home Truth Clarification Materials Site

The progress in levels is intertwined with Fa validation and Fa cultivation. Here are some of my deeper understandings in this respect:

    Lay Down the Over-Dependence on Technology

Ever since home truth clarification materials sites were established, it seemed that there were too many things to learn. Especially with computer technology; going from knowing nothing, to learning the basics, then developing that to advanced and higher levels, which in turn leads us into a kind of unconscious dependency on technology. We spent many sleepless nights and countless hours trying to understand the system and concerns over Internet security, so we could run the materials production sites well. After we exhausted all our efforts, we later discovered that much of the work we had done was useless. Through experience sharing with follow practitioners, we realized that we had used our human thoughts to operate the home materials sites. We are extraordinary cultivators and should never forget our righteous thoughts. As a result, I feel more relaxed now that I have let go of the technical dependency.

    Cultivate One's Mind First Before Fixing a Machine

There is one phrase that is frequently repeated by follow practitioners and that is, "Cultivate one's mind first before fixing a machine." When producing truth clarification materials, if the mind is unsettled with impatience or they can't let go of their rigid attachments, the machine won't run smoothly. After looking within and letting go of attachments, the machine will restore itself and begin to run smoothly again. In order to operate the machine successfully, one needs to never stop looking inward. This process will unconsciously improve one's xinxing.

For several years, our area's "springing up flowers everywhere" development has gotten better and better, and my own responsibilities have lessened. My next step, besides maintaining a home truth clarification materials site, is to go out and do more face-to-face truth clarification to save more predestined beings. In saving sentient beings, we can reveal the Dafa disciples' magnificence in offering salvation. This would lessen some of Master's worries for his disciples.