(Clearwisdom.net) We have studied Master's scripture, "Righteous Thoughts," However, have we conducted ourselves accordingly? Here I would like to share some of my recent observations and hope to raise fellow practitioners' awareness on the issue.

I have sent forth righteous thoughts together with a fellow practitioner a few times, and I observed how she conducted herself. Every time we sent forth righteous thoughts, she spent almost fifteen minutes on the verge of falling asleep! After less than two months, this practitioner was arrested while she was out distributing fliers, and sentenced to two years of forced labor.

Another two practitioners I observed, are the coordinators in my region. On the superficial level, they have been doing the Three Things vigorously and dynamically. However, during group Fa study, they sometimes dose off, and, when it is their turn to read, cannot find where to continue in the book. Sometimes, their book will even fall from their hands onto the floor. They also fall asleep 80% of the time when sending forth righteous thoughts.

A fellow practitioner came to town and I shared my experiences of Fa study with her. She said, "In my region, each practitioner joins two Fa study groups and does cross-group Fa study. Every week, apart from the Fa study, practitioners spend all their spare time distributing fliers, Falun Gong materials, and talking to people about quiting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)." After hearing of their situation, I felt that they were really doing well in their cultivation. However, when we sat down to send forth righteous thoughts together, I noticed that her body was swinging back and forth once her hands were conjoined. I am very concerned about this. Is this anything even remotely close to what should be a practitioner's behavior and appearance? Under these circumstances, can righteous thoughts function as they are supposed to? What a pity it is, that a dignified Dafa disciple is so controlled by the evil beings in other dimensions! Her own main consciousness could not take control of herself. How can she do the Three Things well, as Master has asked us to do?

As I know, it has grown beyond an individual phenomenon among practitioners, but a problem for the group as well. If this situation continues, it may become dangerous for our fellow practitioners. Here I have written down my observations, in order to share and alert other practitioners to the problem. Let's together do the Three Things well, as we are supposed to.

To conclude, let's review the Fa teaching by Master.

"For this reason, all Dafa disciples, new and veteran students alike: when you send righteous thoughts, besides the targets that you specifically lock in to, aim directly at those dark minions and completely eliminate them. Along with this, when you send righteous thoughts you need to have your mind be more focused, purer, and steadier, so as to mobilize your greater abilities, disintegrate all of the dark minions and rotten demons, and eliminate the final disruptions that are in other dimensions.

Stop letting the evil exploit gaps, and stop being interfered with by human attachments. Do well the things that Dafa disciples should do, and walk the last leg of the journey well. Righteous thoughts, righteous actions." ("Eliminate the Dark Minions With Righteous Thoughts")

March 6, 2009