(Clearwisdom.net) Prominent artist Ms. Solomon and daughter-in-law Sumi traveled all the way from the Southern Highlands to Sydney to see the Shen Yun Performing Arts' Sunday matinee at the Parade Theatre in Kensington on April 26, 2009.

The Solomons were very glad they had made the effort to see the world-renowned show. Ms. Solomon exclaimed, "I really thought that was fantastic--their whole production is very professional! It takes a lot of work to get to that stage. They make it look simple when it is really difficult. Their precision is amazing!"

Ms. Solomon was equally impressed with the use of modern technology that added a dramatic dimension to the story. "When they came up underneath and went back up into the heavens, I thought that was very well done.

"I think the stories are really important--that you have something that you were following like the Monkey King."

Her daughter-in-law, Sumi, said the performance depicting the persecution of a Falun Dafa practitioner in China ["Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution"] had touched her, "That really moved me, very emotional."

Ms. Solomon agreed, saying, "The scene of the persecution was very realistic and very emotional. Knowing what is going on in China with Falun Dafa--I find that any persecution of a people is very upsetting. I thought they portrayed it very well."

Ms. Solomon said she would tell her friends, "You will have a delightful feast!"

Dancer Highly Recommends Shen Yun

Joyce, a dancer, was highly impressed by the show, "It's good, it's very beautiful [with] very elegant dancing, and a beautiful introduction to Chinese culture!

"Artistic expression is so suppressed in China under the current government."

Joyce noted the great effort the Shen Yun artists put forth, "...to get to where they are today, on the stage. It took so much effort, and it's a unique situation to be in, unlike any other dancing group I've ever seen.

"Oh, it's amazingly beautiful. Just amazing--the flexibility and the hands, the patterns that the arms make is so synced. They're not sharp ... the feet are different. I like how, with the long skirts moving along the stage, it looks like they're floating. It's really just so beautiful and so feminine for the girls and masculine for the boys. It's just really good. I would like to learn more about the Monkey King story... The general expression and the backdrop are really beautiful.

"I was sitting next to a lady and her 90-year-old Chinese mother. It was the second time they had seen it in two weeks. They saw it and they got more tickets, because they couldn't get enough of it."

Joyce concluded by saying she would "definitely" tell her friends to see the show. "It's just such a beautiful, eye-opening, really sensational, and stunning show!"

Retired Ballet Dancer Appreciates the High Caliber of the Performance

Dawn, a retired ballet dancer, taught make-up artistry in the 1960s at NIDA, the most prestigious drama school in Australia.

Dawn, a retired ballet dancer and her friend

Because she was a ballet dancer, she appreciated the high-caliber dance performances. "It needs a lot of hard training and hard work," said Dawn.

She also noted the unique backdrops that she felt added dimension to all the performances. "I appreciate the three-dimensionality. It's a combination of everything. From song, to going up into the heavens and vanishing, and then coming back," she said.

Dawn came to the performance with her friend, Chris, a nurse at a Sydney hospital. Chris was moved by the profound spiritual aspects of the show.

"It shows the importance of seeing a higher power. It shows that God gives us the power to do things. Coming down to us to teach us things."

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