(Clearwisdom.net) I started cultivating 4 years ago and like any other Falun Dafa practitioner, experienced ups and downs in my cultivation. But it was only recently, after overcoming a major tribulation that paralyzed me physically, that I enlightened to deeper meanings of Teacher's teachings on illness karma and its role in cleansing practitioners' bodies.

It all started a few months ago when suddenly, while doing some Dafa work on the computer, I felt a sharp pain through my right leg. Only standing up would ease the pain. I couldn't sit anymore, only stand and lie down. Walking became a great difficulty for me, too, and I began to spend most of the time in bed, tormented by excruciating pain.

The Relationship between Taking Medicine and Cultivation

When in the mindset of a regular person I considered taking painkillers and seeing a doctor, or a massage therapist. I desperately wanted to ease the pain, which was the worst I had ever felt in my whole life. At its peak it felt like being electrified by jolts of ultra high voltage. But I maintained a strong main consciousness. After 4 years of cultivation in Falun Dafa, Master Li's teachings were vivid before my eyes, reminding me that I was a cultivator and that what I was experiencing was not an everyday person's illness but the deep cleansing of a cultivator, or the elimination of karma.

Teacher says in Zhuan Falun, "The Second Talk":

"Starting today, some people will have chills, as if they've got a bad cold, and their bones might even ache. Most people won't feel well somewhere in their bodies--aching legs, lightheadedness, you name it. Maybe you think that by practicing qigong you healed some area of your body that had a problem, or that maybe some qigong master healed it for you, and that now it's relapsed. That's because he didn't heal it, he only put it off for you. It's still right where it was, so the health problem didn't surface back then but it would later on. We have to dig all of those out, drive them all out for you, and completely get rid of them at the root. So you'll think that your problem has relapsed, and this is eliminating karma at the root--that's why you have reactions. Some people will have localized reactions in their bodies, maybe one part hurts, or maybe it's some other part, and all kinds of unpleasant sensations will come up. It's all normal. I want to tell you, no matter how awful you might feel, do your best to keep coming to the class, and as soon as you walk into the auditorium all of your symptoms will be gone, and there won't be any danger. I can say this, and I hope you'll make an effort to come, no matter how crummy you feel because of that 'sickness.' A chance to obtain the Law is hard to come by. When you feel worse, it means that, 'when something reaches the extreme it reverses,' and your whole body will be purified. It has to be completely purified. The root of your health problem has been plucked out now, and only that little bit of black qi is left, coming out on its own, so that you have a little hardship and go through some difficulty. If you didn't bear anything it really wouldn't work."

Discovering the Connection between Attachments and Physical Pain

But telling myself that I was a practitioner and a disciple of Teacher Li Hongzhi wasn't enough to make the pain go away. Whenever a wave of pain struck me, I searched deep within and found it was rooted in an attachment or an unrighteous thought. I realized that I was plagued by attachments of jealousy, critical attitudes towards fellow practitioners and other people, and the pursuits of fame and fortune. Changing my thoughts and letting go of the attachments would immediately ease the pain. The more I read the Fa, cleansed my thoughts, and let go of attachments, the weaker the pain became. Pain became a beacon of light--a constant reminder of the fact that I had attachments to get rid of.

The Importance of Support from Fellow Practitioners

Fellow practitioners that had endured similar and even worse tribulations heard about my situation, supported me, and strengthened my faith. Some called me on the phone and had long talks with me, while others came to my house to read the Fa with me and send righteous thoughts to cleanse my environment. I cannot find the words to thank them.


As the days went by the pain subsided, and I was finally able to sit again. But to my great surprise, this wasn't just a normal recovery to the same state I was in prior to the illness. My body and my entire physique underwent and are still undergoing a great change. I am now stronger, my stance is more stable and balanced, and my mood, which was mostly melancholy all my life, has turned optimistic. Muscles that I had no idea even existed and which had been dormant began to awaken and operate, giving me more agility and options for movement. My mind is now clearer and my concentration deeper and more focused.

Today nothing is left of the pain in my leg, and I am even back to sitting in the full lotus position. My faith in Teacher and Dafa is stronger than ever.

Thank you, Teacher and Dafa.

This is my understanding at my current level of cultivation. Please point out any mistakes.