(Clearwisdom.net) On November 17, 2008, the group leader Wang Peibiao, from Zhucheng City Police Department of Shandong Province, led Mizhou Road Police Station president Zhang Shiyong and Shunwang Police Station president Wang Zhixia, Song Wei, and others to break down the door of Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Xixiang's house in Baiyushanzhi Village, Zhucheng City. They arrested Liu Xixiang, illegally searched her house, and confiscated her personal property, including a computer and printer. Liu Xixiang was detained at the trading boarding house of Zhucheng City, beaten, forced to sit on the iron chair and was force fed. Group leader Wang Hongbo led more than 10 people, including Wang Peibiao, Zhang Shiyong, Song Wei and Wang Zhixian, as well as Zhu Wei and Liu Zhihua who were transferred from the criminal police team, to take turns torturing Liu Xixiang. They locked her on the iron chair and deprived her of sleep.

Liu Xixiang went on hunger strike to resist this persecution. Seeing that she wouldn't be able to survive much longer, they dragged her to a Chinese medicine hospital to feed her by force. They tortured her again and again and deprived her of sleep in order to force her to reveal information that she did not know. When it was Wang Peibiao's turn, not only did he not let her sleep, but also forced her to look at his face. If she blinked her eye, he pulled her ear and kept slapping her face. When it was Song Wei's turn, he also tried to force her to reveal information that she did not know. When she did not speak, he would beat her face with a remote control, burn her eyes with a light bulb, and burn her with the lamp. Taking turns, they kept locking her to the iron chair, beating her continuously, and prohibiting her to close her eyes for over 20 days.

Due to being locked in the iron chair for such a long time, her leg was swollen very big. They dragged her to go to the hospital until they saw that she could not walk at all. The doctor said her whole lower limb blood vessel was blocked. The policemen did not tell her, and called her children to the police station, where they threatened them again and again, and forced her to tell who had sent her the computer. In the afternoon, they took her to the hospital. In the hospital, they took turn monitoring her and attempting to force her to write the guarantee statement that she wouldn't practice Falun Gong in exchange for her release.

Having seen that they could not detain her any more, the policemen forced the second and third younger brothers of her husband, her family, her children and all the relatives from her family to write the guarantee statement and forced them to pay 5, 000 yuan before they would release her.

After Liu Xixiang went back home, Wang Peibiao often called her to harass her. On February 9, 2009, Zhang Shiyong went to her house to harass her, asked her if any practitioners went to her house and whether her leg had recovered or not. Having seen that her leg was still swollen, he left.