(Clearwisdom.net) My temper has been flaring up these days and nothing goes smoothly. I was really afraid that others would say that I wasn't cooperative or I was attached to self-esteem. When I asked a technical question, I was accused of not assimilating with others, and was told to take some time to read the articles from fellow practitioners' sharing on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website.

I read an article on Minghui saying, "Only by fully focusing and constantly studying the Fa, following the Fa in everything we do and by truly looking inward can it protect us from the contamination of society. We will not be able to help Master save sentient beings if we do not do well in our own personal cultivation. We have already gotten so many lessons and experiences in this regard." This is very true, it is very important to cultivate ourselves well!

In the afternoon, I started adding CD covers to the Shen Yun CDs. When I saw the Shen Yun CD cover, my heart was filled with joyfulness and compassion. I knew it was the power of Dafa, as we all understand the importance and weight of Shen Yun. To date, I still can't find words to describe the beauty of Shen Yun. I suddenly realized that I should treat fellow practitioners with a compassionate heart, the feeling is of assimilation and forgiveness. If I can balance well on this foundation, how would I run into conflicts and attachments?

However, sometimes there are problems. At times, someone's point of view is apparently wrong, or at least it can't be understood from the perspective of ordinary humans. If it can't be understood, how can he/she validate the Fa? How can we correct him/her? I would think that it was interference and my first reaction was that I would lose my temper, even though I warned myself to calm down. Today when I thought about it again, I understood finally. I should safeguard the Fa with compassion.

Master has taught in the lecture of "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore,"

"Actually, let me tell you this: Safeguarding the Fa doesn't mean resorting to violence. Good and evil coexist within a person. We dispel the evil side and use only the good side to safeguard the Fa. When others say something bad about us, we can let them know how good we are, and we can reason with them entirely using the good side. Oftentimes when an everyday person encounters a problem, he tends to adopt a negative approach. So he'll take some extreme actions or resort to violence. None of that is appropriate for us to do. I often say that if a person is free of any personal notions, isn't motivated by self-interest, and is truly looking to benefit others, then when he points out another person's shortcoming or tells the other person what's right, that person will be moved to tears."

Compassion is really powerful. The foundation of righteous thoughts are built up from many years of solid cultivation. If at this stage, we cannot do the three things well, we have to catch up!