(Clearwisdom.net) In the beginning of 2009, there was an incident of police breaking into a married couple's home and arresting them for their belief in Falun Gong. The police took away a computer, printer and other personal belongings, including 20,000 yuan in cash. The practitioners were detained at a local detention center, and the police refused to let their families visit. At the time there was a sense of terror among local practitioners and the arrested practitioners' family.

However, the practitioners were not deterred. They sent forth righteous thoughts and exposed the evil on the Internet. They distributed materials locally and clarified the truth to the practitioners' family. They helped the family ask for visiting rights and demanded the practitioners' release. They accompanied the family to the police bureau. The person in charge of State Security Section threatened Dafa practitioners and refused the family's request to visit. In about ten days, there was news about the arrested practitioners being tortured.

Right before the Chinese New Year, local practitioners were very anxious about the rescue because the police were about to go on a holiday break. After discussions, everyone agreed to the need of exposing the evil. Afterwards, practitioners hung up banners, and put up posters and other truth-clarifying material. Every practitioner in the township got involved. Over the course of one night, the truth-clarifying material was everywhere, including all the police stations, "610 Offices", detention centers and all the hotels, even on the door of the head of the State Security Section of the Police Bureau, who was responsible for the arrest.

Seven days into the Chinese New Year, local practitioners exchanged understandings and communicated with the arrested practitioners' family. The next day when police returned to work, they accompanied the family and went to the police bureau. One police officer said, "Look what you have done for the Chinese New Year. You put our names everywhere. The banners and posters we took down were more than a big bag full. Our families all know about it now." The head of the State Security Section also pointed to a poster on his desk and complained to them. He then told the family to go to a police station and ask for certain people. When the family went to the police station, one police officer said, "The deputy director who conducted the arrest is in the hospital and you need to wait for him to return." The family then found the director and told him the facts about Falun Gong. By then, it had been seventeen days since the arrest. Usually practitioners would have been sent to forced labor camp by now, but local practitioners did not give up under the pressure. They helped the family demand the practitioners' release.

Local practitioners also exchanged experiences of the rescue with other practitioners living in nearby villages. Everyone looked inside and improved together. They studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, distributed flyers and clarified the truth to people face to face. Through experience sharing, practitioners recognized that the practitioners not being released was related to the whole body. Only when the whole body improves through doing the three things, could our righteous thoughts come into play and eliminate the evil.

After about a month, the arrested practitioners had symptoms of severe illnesses and were sent to a local hospital. Fellow practitioners kept visiting the practitioners at the hospital. Practitioners from nearby villages also sent forth righteous thoughts close to the hospital, and other practitioners took turns continuously sending forth righteous thoughts. At the beginning, the police kept a tight surveillance and threatened the practitioners. Finally, the head of the State Security Section asked practitioners not to do anything else. The male practitioner was released for medical reasons. The female practitioner stayed in the hospital for a week, and was released on March 1.

This rescue effort broke through the limitations of the past. We exposed the evil to those people who were familiar with the perpetrators and effectively stopped the persecution.