(Clearwisdom.net) At about 6 p.m. on March 30, 2009, a stranger approached the home of Ms. Liu Honghua, a Dafa practitioner employed by the Electric Power Utilities in Zhucheng City, Shandong Province. With a lunch box in his hand, the unknown man came to the door and asked for a glass of water. Ms. Liu's son, Zhang Xinming (not a practitioner), looked through a window but didn't answer the door, since he didn't recognize the man. The man asked again for a glass of water, saying no one answered the door.

Finally, out of mercy, Zhang Xinming opened the door but didn't see anyone else with the stranger. As he turned around to get the water, the man rushed quickly into the room. Simultaneously, several plainclothes policemen followed behind. They knocked Liu Honghua's son to the ground, breaking the thermos flask he carried, completely soaking him with water.

Liu's son resisted, but was overpowered by them. They put him in handcuffs; his clothes were wet and his face bruised. They also knocked over the dining table and smashed glasses and a pitcher during the attack.

Four plainclothes policemen participated in the attack; the person who asked for water earlier went to look for Ms. Liu, while the others put her son into a silver minibus parked downstairs. One of them, Chen Kai, stayed with Zhang Xinming to watch him. Zhang cried out loud when the policemen took him downstairs. His neighbors could easily hear him; but only one person came out to watch.

Two of the plainclothes policemen went back upstairs to search the home and completely ransack it.

Zhang Xinming was taken to a "training class" organized by the legal system at Dongwu Street, Zhucheng City. Three people took turns watching him for three hour cycles, keeping him awake the whole night. The room temperature was kept low, but they did not allow him to wear shoes nor keep his feet warm with a blanket. The following day, he was nauseous, and could eat very little. Several guards questioned him repeatedly.

On the same night of March 30, Chen Hong led a group of policemen from the Chengguan Police station to the home of Ms. Dong Yuehua, a practitioner from Lianghe Village. Ms. Dong refused to open the door. At 10:00 p.m. that night, a group of riot police climbed into her home, arrested her, then ransacked her home. The same evening at about six o'clock, policemen broke into the homes of Lin Shuhua and Zhang Shisheng. They arrested them and ransacked their homes .

People involved in persecuting Zhang Xinming are:

Fan Dui, Qu Bo, Chen Kai, and a person with the last name of Zhong.