(Clearwisdom.net) The CCP controlled court of Shashi District, Jinzhou City, Hubei Province held an illegal trial on the morning of March 18, 2009, for 29 year old Ms. Song Chang. On the morning of July 17, 2008, Ms. Song had followed her husband to work in Guangdong Province and was arrested by police from Hubei Province. She was taken back to Shashi District, forced to have an abortion and detained in the Shashi Detention Center.

Ms. Song Chang is from Lixin County, Shashi District, Jinzhou City. She practices Falun Dafa, and has been arrested and detained many times since the persecution began in 1999. Throughout the year, during any CCP political event, whether Ms. Song was at work or at home, the Lixin County Police would arrest her using no legal procedures. She would be detained and released after the sensitive events were over.

On the night of July 4, 2008, using the excuse of checking on temporary residents, the police from the Shunde City Police Department broke down the door of the couple's home. They found Ms. Song making DVDs. After asking a few questions, they arrested the couple. After discovering that Ms. Song was 3 months pregnant, the next day they informed her cousin to bail her out with 5000 yuan. During the following days, Ms. Song continued requesting her husband's release. The police department not only refused to release her husband, they tricked Ms. Song by telling her that her husband would be released the following day and that she could come to the police department to get him. The next day, immediately after Ms. Song Chang arrived at the police department, she was arrested by Li Zhenggang and others from the Shashi District Domestic Security Division, then taken back to Shashi District. They forcibly took Ms. Song to the local Women and Children's Health and Medical Center. Without informing any of her family members or obtaining any consent, the CCP officers forced her to have the abortion.

After the forced abortion, Ms. Song did not want to eat. The guards informed her family about her situation and they took her home. However within twenty days, Ms. Song was arrested again and tortured in the detention center. In the detention center, her daily meal was plain soup with some yellowing vegetable leaves; all the food provided there was of very poor quality. The abortion left this once healthy young woman very thin and weak. The poor diet in the detention center has caused her to become sick and she remains in this condition at the detention center today.

Huang Yaosheng, Shashi District 610 Office Director: 86-13872339939 (Cell)
Chen Zhiqiang, Shashi District "610 Office" Assistant Director: 86-13317588875 (Cell)
Yao Hong, captain of the Shashi District Police Department Domestic Security Division: 86-13607210598 (Cell)
Li Zhenggang, Shashi District Police Department Domestic Security Division: 86-716-8467731

Shashi District Court:

He Bin, Chief Justice: 86-716-8263453 (Office), 86-716-8456870 (Home), 86-13807218586 (Cell)
Yang Jikui, Deputy Chief Judge: 86-716-8258855 (Office), 86-716-8516776 (Home), 86-13972388796 (Cell)
Luo Mingyun, Chief Judge of first Court:86-716-8270013(Office) 86-716-8259865(Home) 86-13886615308(Cell)