(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts' (DPA) Chinese Spectacular and the Divine Performing Arts Orchestra captivated audience members at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island on Thursday, March 5. One of the the show's distinguished guests was Dr. Sergei N. Khrushchev, son of the former Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev.

Mr. Khrushchev, son of the former Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev, a university professor

Dr. Khrushchev, a Senior Fellow and professor at the Boston Institute of Brown University commented on the DPA, saying, "This is a great show, better than I expected. It's great."

He was first introduced to a Chinese cultural show 59 years ago in Moscow. After seeing that, he said he has always enjoyed Chinese culture.

"When we saw that you (DPA) were coming here, my wife told me, that we have to come and so we came here. We are fully satisfied with everything: with the music, with the dancing, with the colors, and with the costumes. I think it is an excellent performance," said the professor.

He shared with a reporter what he thought the deeper meaning behind the show was. "I think China's 5,000-year history says it all, that is, these century-old relations were making people great, making individuals as people of a nation."

He continued, "Each culture is unique and the Chinese culture is especially unique. It is showing how it is remembering everything from the past so that it can be made into the future."

When Dr. Khrushchev was asked which performance he liked best, he said it was hard to say since he liked them all. "Just as in any performance that you like, you can say that there are things you like and dislike. However, a performance can be described as 'great' when you can generate such wonderful feelings as I have after seeing this show."

Note: The Epoch Times contributed to this report: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/13259/