An Undelivered Evaluation

Because of practicing Falun Gong, I was sentenced to forced labor. I returned to my original place of employment after serving the sentence. Officials at work punished me further by lowering my pay for a year by 100 yuan or more a month.

Recently, after learning the truth about Falun Gong, my supervisor wanted to lift the penalty before the end of the entire year. In order to shorten the term, however, he needed to provide a positive evaluation to his superiors. He was in dilemma. Besides saying some highly favorable things such as "works hard" and "plays an active role on the team," he knew he had to say something derogatory about Falun Gong, otherwise the evaluation would not be accepted . After knowing the truth, he felt bad about doing such a thing. While he worried over the issue, a young co-worker on the team stood up. Pnly a little over 20 years old, he has been working with me. He got a pen and started to write. He quickly finished the whole page of the evaluation and started to read it in front of the team members. He wrote that I held high morals and was admirable.

Although this evaluation will not be accepted, it shows the change in ordinary people. They are moved by kindness, compassion, and the unshakable spirit of Dafa practitioners. Those who know the truth, consciously or unconsciously, are positioning themselves.

Bills with Truth Clarifying Phrases on Them Are Valuable

On February 21, 2009, when I clarified the truth to a taxi driver, he said, "The CCP and its officials are really bad. They charged more for heating costs in our area this year, but the heating service was worse than last year. The temperature was lower than before. There are many complaints from my neighbors. These officials don't care about people. They collaborate with those businessmen to earn ill-gotten money."

When I told him about "Heaven's destruction of the CCP; withdrawing from the CCP to keep safe," he told me he had received some monetary bills with such phrases on them. He even told his relatives and friends about it. He said, "They've asked me to give some to them, but I want to keep them. They are valuable."

February 27, 2009