(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company made its first appearance in Changhua County on the evening of March 24, 2009. Its premiere show in the Yuanlin Performance Hall received rave reviews from the audience.

Artist: Shen Yun is rich in the distinctive features of oriental culture

Artist Hsu Huihuang spoke highly of Shen Yun

Artist Hsu Huihuang appreciated the show's emphasis on oriental culture. He has been to China and Scotland and has seen many performances of different types. The Shen Yun show, in his opinion, was "terrific." "All kinds of techniques, all kinds of stage arts presented in the show reflect the distinctive features of oriental culture. I'm a painter, and my subjects are oriental. This show is a comprehensive view of the art of the East."

Mr. Hsu is retired from 37 years of teaching in the fine arts and is now a professional artist. He won the CCPD Wenxin Award in 2001 and was selected ten times for French Art Sharon from 1996 to 2004. In 1997, he won Nagoya Mayor's Award in an art exhibition at the Imaginism School in Japan.

Woodcarving Artist: The different dances embody divine beauty and charm

Renowned woodcarving artist Huang Ma-qing saw the Shen Yun show for the first time. He was amazed at the strong feelings that the first piece, "The Five Millennia Begin," evoked in him, and he was impressed by the atmosphere of the entire show. He said, "I felt the different dances were lively and emanated divine charm. They portrayed a Chinese-flavored agility and clarity. I was really impressed."

Renowned woodcarving artist Huang Ma-qing attended the Shen Yun show in Changhua

Mr. Huang was amazed by the incorporation of Chinese dance with high-tech backdrops. He said, "When I was young, I often saw cartoons, magazines and puppet shows, but I have never seen anything like today's show, particularly the backdrop--that was fantastic. The colors were graceful and coordinated perfectly."

Mr. Huang believes there is a close connection between the fine arts and dance, "The lines of colorful ribbons are lively, full of a sense of beauty. Li Bai's poetry could be presented this way. I think carving can also include changes of poetic space. I feel there is a lot here worth learning from."

He admired the traditional Chinese costumes, calling them "phenomenal." He also praised the magnificent singing of the tenor and soprano. He felt he gained enlightenment from the piece "The Udumbara's Bloom," saying, "The flower was amazing--what a feeling of exuberant life."

Stone Artist: Chinese dances embedded with stories were uplifting

Stone artist Tsai Longhsiung, who founded the Stone Carving Workshop, praised the show as a pioneering work in Changhua County. "The show is very well done and very educational. It can enlighten us. The exquisite presentation of Chinese dance in the dramas uplifted me immediately. It was such a wonderful feeling. I also saw that traditional Chinese culture has been deeply rooted everywhere around the world and promoted far and wide."

Tsai Longhsiung, Stone artist

Mr. Tsai was impressed with the well-coordinated programming and the authenticity of Chinese culture. "There are ethnic folk cultures superbly presented. We can understand different cultures from a stage performance like this. It was the key point of what I saw today."

He was more impressed by the large-scale presentation of the show, which he felt, "...can interpret to such a subtle realm and draw us into the dramas and performances. Such a presentation was beyond my imagination." Mr. Tsai thought that the programs could inspire people to be good, "...seeking a space for ourselves in nature and the vast space."

Mr. Tsai concluded by saying that the show is a versatile production, "...a presentation of the Buddha Fa, and enlightens people to the true meaning of humanity."