(Clearwisdom.net) The Friedrichstadpalast, one of Germany's most beloved theaters, echoed with thunderous applause as enthusiastic audience members showed their appreciation upon the return of world-renowned Shen Yun Performing Arts 2009 World Tour to Berlin.

"It went directly to my heart"

The haunting tones of the erhu, the two-stringed Chinese violin, played by soloist Ms. Xiaochu Qi, "went directly into my heart," said Dr. Schorcht, a physician specializing in radiation therapy.

He said the fact that Shen Yun had "put forth that effort was very important. They had a piece in which the current suppression by the [Chinese Communist] regime was the theme. I was greatly touched by the jail scene and the statement the piece made."

Dr. Schorcht grew up in the former East Germany under a communist regime and is acutely sympathetic and sensitive to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. "I myself was not in jail, but my friends [were]. And it was well-known that in the DDR [East Germany], a communist regime ruled, so I can imagine what the suppression is like." He was referring to the piece "Dignity and Compassion."

Dr. Schorcht thought that exposing these human rights abuses through the performing arts was much more "plausible and impressive" than merely describing them with words. He reflected on how the spiritual elements conveyed by the show touched him. "The ideal is to be there for others and to help them when they are in difficulties."

How Wonderful This Is!

"It was wonderful. I was captivated!" exclaimed Mr. Statten, head of a European social security agency department, who saw the grand production from the front row. He shared, "Once I saw it [the flyer], I thought, 'Oh, I must see this, it looks so interesting.' I find myself chuckling over and over again, because I was so captivated by this show.

"The entire show was masterfully choreographed, which allowed the Chinese dance and musical culture to tell its story. I have to admit, for a Western European, much of what I have seen is totally new to me. I admire the lady conductor, because of her personal exertion that came to my attention quite clearly. There were so many details that excited me.

"The harmony, especially, radiated towards me, especially when many of the women were on stage," said Mr. Stratten when recounting the moving performances of the beautifully costumed dancers.

He said he was truly able to take in many of the details that others seated towards the back could not see. "I just can't say how wonderful this is. One can't just look at one part, but must look at its entirety."

Ms. Heinze, a graphic artist, shared her appreciation during intermission. "I was quite impressed with the show."

She added that the songs "Finding Myself" by tenor Mr. Yuan Qu, and "Let Reason Prevail" by soprano Ms. Jianing Xu were her favorites. "One has to integrate one's senses into such an event, especially [in sync with] the performer's body language."

She brought her grandmother along to see the performance. The former pediatric nurse was mesmerized by Shen Yun, "I can't separate the songs from the dances," she said.