(Clearwisdom.net) The Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company staged the second show in Hsichu on the evening of March 20, 2009 and received high praise from attendees.

Music Professor: The Performance Makes One Think and Reflect

Mr. Yang Bu-guang, former Chairman of the Department of Music at Education University, watched the show and said, "The performance has deep inner meaning, making one think and reflect."

Mr. Yang Bu-guang, former Chairman of the Department of Music at Education University

Mr. Yang thought that the programs were arranged very well. He was especially impressed with the show's combination of music, dance and song. He said, "Generally, song, music and dance in the same show are rare.

Mr. Yang continued, "I believe that everyone here in the audience has been impacted and will tell others about it."

Director of National Chiao Tung University Alumni Appreciates the Message of Morality

Mr. Chen Jun-hsiu, Director of National Chiao Tung University Alumni, highly commended the show, "This is truly a perfect art show."

Mr. Chen Jun-hsiu, Director of National Chiao Tung University Alumni

Mr. Chen said, "I think that many things were arranged well in the show. For example, in the program 'Monk Ji Gong Abducts the Bride', to save people from disaster the monk had to take away the bride, although this was considered rude and illegal. It is a very good analogy."

Mr. Chen was amazed at the backdrops, "I have never seen such use of images to coordinate with stage performance. I think Shen Yun has done an excellent job. It is a perfect and touching show."

He continued, "I believe that different people watching the show will be touched. It is a good message to upgrade human morality. Nowadays Taiwan needs such a stabilizing power to reconstruct morality. It would be very helpful if such a righteous force spreads in Taiwan society. I hope more government officials will watch the show."

Tsinghua University Professor: I Was Truly Touched

Professor Tsiu from the Department of History at Tsinghua University had seen the Shen Yun show while traveling abroad and was impressed. This time, he watched it again in Hsinchu and invited some colleagues to watch it.

She was compelled to watch the show again because she was touched by the spiritual message of the show. She said, "The programs stress that humans are from Heaven. I think that human life should not be rushed, and one should think it over what human life is and what the life meaning is. I was truly touched when I watched it."

Prof. Tsiu was also impressed with the colors, "This show is really unique, especially the colors - very colorful and beautiful. The backdrops were designed wonderfully."

Beijing Professor: I Hope More People Can See the Show

Prof. Hou is from a well-known Chinese university and currently a visiting professor in Taiwan. At the invitation of Prof. Tsiu, he came to watch the show.

He said he liked the program, Dance of the Snow-capped Mountain. He thought that the culture of Tibet was quite different from the Han Chinese. He was impressed with the backdrops showing the open and magnificent plateau and the beautiful music. He highly praised Shen Yun's promotion of Chinese traditional culture. He said, "I hope more people can see the show and understand the diversity of culture, especially Chinese culture."