(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Clearwisdom articles, I looked within and discovered that I was still immersed in qing. I feared that I would have no friends, be rejected, and that I would offend others. I'm insincere and behave just like a "Goody Two-shoes" among everyday people. I'm cautious in dealing with others and will do anything to protect myself. But everything turns out just the opposite from what I want because of my attachment to friendship. I've lived alone for the past nine years.

Some practitioners I associate with often make remarks as to who is and is not good, and use descriptions such as "vested interests," "lustful," "a snob," and so on. What they actually mean is that they don't want to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa to this person or that they want to stay away from those that have refused to accept the truth.

The human moral standard has declined and is now at the low end of the scale. However, Teacher has never said that everyday people cannot be saved. Teacher has managed to save sentient beings with maximum benevolence and has asked us to save these people. Although people's current morality is corrupt, Teacher wants to save them, keeping in mind their original righteous thoughts towards Dafa when they descended to this world.

In my understanding, the corruption of people's morality was intentionally arranged by the old forces. After corrupting these people, the old forces thought it would be easier to control them and have them do their bidding, claiming that this was a "test" for practitioners. In other words, if today's people were of high moral fiber, would it still be possible to manipulate them? Therefore, to maintain this wicked persecution, the old forces arranged for the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to destroy humankind's morality. The purpose of the old forces is to manipulate people to do bad things and then eliminate them. We cannot accept the old forces' arrangements. We should save these lives but exclude those that are beyond saving.

That being said, we cannot depend on everyday people. After clarifying the facts about the persecution to some people, they supported us, and some practitioners then assumed that these people were righteous and depended on them. Consequently, the old forces manipulated these people to do bad things to Dafa. Don't let our attachments push everyday people into a dangerous situation.

Some practitioners are filled with wrong notions. For example, one practitioner doesn't do the three things much at all. Yesterday he said to me, "I haven't cultivated myself well, but I want to donate some money to the truth-clarification material site to print more materials to save sentient beings." What he meant was that he could not save sentient beings, so he would donate money instead. I thought this was not right. I asked him, "How about the sentient beings in your cosmos? Can you save them by donating some money?"

I found that some practitioners, including myself, very often took doing things as cultivation. If on a particular day they did all the three things, they were very happy. However, they cared little about their xinxing when they did the three things. That is not right. If it were only a matter of doing things, Teacher would send one deity to this world and let him fulfill everything. What's more, he would do a perfect job. Then why does Teacher ask his disciples in this world to save sentient beings? Teacher wants us to cultivate and upgrade ourselves.

Whether someone validates Dafa well or not is not determined by how much money he donates or how many things he does, but how much he improves his level and xinxing or if he does the most sacred things with a pure heart. This is how a true practitioner validates the Fa.

In addition, I believe that if a practitioner doesn't do the three things well and doesn't look within when faced with conflicts, he cannot truly save sentient beings, no matter how much work he has done. Only if we do the three things in accordance to what Teacher has asked of us and cultivate ourselves can we genuinely save sentient beings.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out if anything is not appropriate.