When the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, my wife, our child, and I went to Beijing to appeal to the Central Government to stop the persecution. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) set up many barrier posts to stop practitioners from entering the city. Since I did not bring my ID card and the barrier-post guards required each person to show his or her identity card, I asked myself how I could overcome the problem. Then I had a thought: I was completely determined to reach my destination, and no police could stop me. With my mind resolute, whenever police boarded the bus to check IDs, my mind sent out Falun's to disintegrate the police officers' unrighteous thoughts of stopping Dafa practitioners. What surprised me was that the police passed by us without checking us. At that time, I did not even know that I was sending forth righteous thoughts since Teacher had not yet given us the instructions for this ability. By doing this, we reached Beijing smoothly and safely. The whole process was just like what Teacher had said,

"Your enlightened, original nature will automatically know what to do." ("Expounding on the Fa," Falun Dafa Essentials for Further Advancement)

At end of 1999, while fellow practitioners and I were practicing the exercises in public, we were arrested by the police and taken to a detention center, where I was persecuted by inmates who were under orders from the prison guards. In Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun, Teacher stated, "We have said, however, that as a practitioner one should not fight back when being punched or insulted." I quietly endured the persecution. During that period of time, my thoughts were very upright, and I did not worry about death. I continuously clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to the inmates, even while the head of the inmates was saying vicious things. I disintegrated his evil thoughts with Falun's that I sent out. The result was that the inmates were unable to carry out their evil acts.

Later on, I found out that it was the supernormal power of righteous thoughts. When guards wanted to bring me before the court, I told them clearly and firmly, "My faith in Falun Gong will never change regardless of what you do to me: sending me to prison or a forced labor camp will not make me change." Because a few of us had strong righteous thoughts, the guards released us. "Let them go!" one of the guards shouted. However, guards treated two other fellow practitioners differently, forcing them to write guarantee statements. Clearly, evil beings are afraid of practitioners' righteous thoughts.

In 2003, the police arrested me again and took me to a brainwashing center. On the way, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts, and the police became quiet and polite. In the brainwashing center, fellow practitioners and I kept sending forth righteous thoughts instead of cooperating with the guards. We disintegrated a great deal of the evil, thus reducing the severity of the persecution, making the atmosphere less stringent, and the machine that showed videos defaming Falun Dafa quit working. In addition, practitioners who were being forced to sing a CCP song stopped.

As long as practitioners focus on continually sending forth righteous thoughts, the evil beings will be very scared. In 2008, the CCP, using the excuse of protecting the Olympics, increased the persecution of practitioners. After we disintegrated much of the evil, instead of directly contacting me, our town police had some villagers give me a message several times that they wanted to talk with me. I told them, through the villagers, that I would not go to see them, I would not allow anyone in police uniform or a police vehicle to come to my house, I would not give out my phone number, and I would not cooperate with them in any way. I constantly sent forth righteous thoughts, disintegrating much evil in and around the police stations. Later, when I considered clarifying the truth to the police, I sent word to the police chiefs through villagers wanting to meet them. However, I did not receive a reply.

A few years ago, police officers banged on my door, wanting to search my house. I shouted back with righteous thoughts, and they answered in frightened voices. None of us at home cooperated with them, but we did reason with them, and my younger brother and I sent righteous thoughts, disintegrating the evil elements behind them. At the same time, we sent out righteous energy to protect our Falun Dafa materials. When they opened some of the drawers, their hands were shaking. They left without finding anything.

This is what I wished to share with fellow practitioners. I hope all fellow practitioners will pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts to completely disintegrate all the evil that is against Dafa so that countless sentient beings can be saved !