(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2008, there were two illegal trials held in Shenbei New District Court of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province against four Falun Gong practitioners. The practitioners were Mr. Xi Changhai, Ms. Wang Sumei, Mr. Sun Yushu and Mr. Hou Defu. The heavy sentences they were given ranged from six to eleven years.

The family members of the practitioners could not accept such unreasonable sentences that were given without proper legal procedures to the practitioners. They felt that under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), citizens have no chance to defend themselves. The husband of Wang Sumei said, "The police and detention centers are fabricating lies. The witnesses on the prosecutor's list are all fake. I want to sue them." Xi Changhai and his family members have suffered much persecution during the past nine years. This is the third time Xi Changhai has been sent to prison just because he practices Falun Gong.

The cruel facts have made the family members see the true colors of the CCP again and again. The family members who have awakened are no longer afraid of the threats by the Shenbei New District 610 Office. The family of Xi Changhai and Wang Sumei decided to engage a human rights lawyer in Beijing, Mr. Tang Jitian, to defend the practitioners in court. They expressed that they would appeal and pursue the matter to the end until the practitioners are released on the grounds of their innocence.

The lawyers have accepted the case and started as the defense for the "2008 Shenbei Unjust Case." Attorney Tang Jitian has gone to Shenyang City to read the dossier and has also separately met with Wang Sumei and Xi Changhai. After doing some serious investigation, the lawyer determined that the practitioners involved in this case did not break any laws and should be released as innocent.

The lawyer stated, "This case is similar to all other cases against Falun Gong practitioners: the sentences are 100% unjust."

On February 18 to 19, 2009, the lawyer drafted appeal letters for both practitioners, and on February 20, the appeal letters were sent by express mail to Bian Fuxue, Head of Intermediate Court in Shenyang City of Liaoning Province.

March 14, 2009