(Clearwisdom.net) I recently read Human Rights Attorney Gao Zhisheng's article "Dark Night, Dark Hood and Kidnapping by Dark Mafia - (My account of more than 50 days of torture in 2007)." It reminded me of the torture that I went through nine years ago. That inhumane treatment was a nightmare to me and I didn't want to talk about it at all. However, after nine years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not let up in committing atrocities, and has become even worse. I am saddened and appalled. Mr. Gao recounted in his article that the evildoers said, after inflicting the torture, "Your death is sure if you share this with the outside world."

The evildoers know the consequences if their actions are exposed, so they try to hide it. Therefore, I decided to expose it, even though it meant opening old wounds.

Nine years ago, when Falun Dafa was persecuted by the Jiang Zemin and the CCP, I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to appeal against the persecution. I was illegally arrested and beaten, and then put into a detention center. There I was persecuted severely, suffering many tortures.

When we were taken to the detention center, we were forced to stand along a wall all day long in the freezing cold. I was beaten severely by the guards for not telling them my name [Note: Because of the CCP's policy of implication, Falun Gong practitioners often do not reveal their name or address in order to protect family members, friends and co-workers from being harassed and persecuted by CCP officials]. My face swelled and went numb. The guard even used a belt to strangle my neck until the belt broke.

Later I was handed over to two guards. They shocked my face, mouth, stomach and even my private parts with two electric batons. My facial muscles kept twitching, as if I were being cut with sharp knives. Mr. Gao said he was shocked by four electric batons. That pain would not just be double, but actually be several times more than the pain I suffered. The electric shock is so brutal that the guards use it to force Dafa disciples to tell their names and home addresses, then force them to give up cultivation.

Mr. Gao mentioned that Wang, the head evildoer, said, "We have prepared for you 12 courses. We only finished 3 last night. After a while you will see, you will have to eat your own [feces] and drink your own [urine]. A toothpick will be used to stab your [genitals]. Don't talk about torture by the Communist Party, because we will give you a comprehensive lesson now! You are correct, we torture Falun Gong. The 12 courses we're going to give to you were practiced on the Falun Gong. To tell you the truth, I am not afraid that you continue to write. We can torture you to death and your body will never be found."

As a Falun Gong practitioner, having experienced the torture nine years ago, now listening to these words, I am deeply grieved and indignant! Why is this torture still going on? Why can it exist in China? For every day the CCP exists, it is another day that the persecution will not be stopped.

I didn't tell them my name after being shocked. Then I was thrown into a prison cell, where I was brutally beaten by the inmates. They also tried to make me to drink urine, but stopped after I scolded them seriously.

The guards saw that these inmates were not evil enough, and transferred me to another cell.

In the new cell, I was stripped completely naked and in the freezing cold winter, several inmates poured icy water on my body non-stop. I felt every cell of my body become ice-cold. But in the end, they still could not get me to tell where I was from. They stopped when they were tired. My bones and muscles kept shaking uncontrollably.

When I was released to go home, the guard who beat me said, "Don't tell others about this when you get out." How similar is this to what Mr. Gao said in his article, "Every time I was tortured, I was always repeatedly threatened that, if I told later what had happened to me, I would be tortured again, but 'The next time it will happen in front of your wife and children.'" It is clear how much these evildoers fear having their actions exposed.

I hope that everyone can see the true nature of the CCP; that all their evil actions will be exposed so that people can really understand what the CCP is. I hope that everyone can read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and that those who still hold hope for the CCP will wake up quickly and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations quickly.

February 20, 2009