(Clearwisdom.net) I have been following Teacher's requirement of doing the three things well, and no matter where I go, I put clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings first. I would like to share some of my experiences in clarifying the truth to the people I met.

Choosing to be kind is good; Choosing evil is bad

In my work, I often have contact with other staff in the company. Last year they hired a new university graduate, and due to our working requirements, we often had contact. I frequently told him about the truth of the persecution of Falun Dafa, but he did not accept what I told him. At the time I did not mention that I was a practitioner. One time he came to our dormitory to play Mahjong. He picked up my Dafa book and read several pages. Then he no longer mentioned playing Mahjong, and turned around to play on the computer. When I went to chat with him, he suddenly said, "You read this book, I want to report you [to the police]." I looked at him and thought, "Where did I go wrong?" My heart was probably not pure when I explained the truth to him before, and I had an attachment of competition.

I calmly said, "Do you know what Zhuan Falun is about? It tells people to be good according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Being a good person with high morality benefits the family and society." He asked, "Do your children believe or not?" I replied, "There is freedom of belief. You are educated--what benefits will you get by reporting me? It is human nature to be kind. People who choose to be kind are good, and those who choose to be evil are bad. I hope you understand the truth and think for yourself!"

His face went red, and he felt embarrassed. Since then, he has become much more polite towards me. Several days ago, he told me that a Dafa practitioner's quality is indeed high and good. He also praised my work to others when I was not around.

Discussing the Three Withdrawals on a Train Journey

Once, my wife and I were on a train, and an old couple, in their 70's, sat opposite us. They appeared to be very educated, so we clarified the truth to them. It wasn't long before they went silent. I sent forth righteous thoughts to purify myself and my surrounding environment, and quickly found a topic to chat with them about. I spoke about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and all its movements, the Cultural Revolution and so on. I naturally mentioned the persecution of Falun Gong, and we had a good conversation. When we talked about the CCP's evil nature of deception and fighting, the man said in a low voice, "To talk about this in the past, we would have been arrested and sent to prison." I smiled, "The situation is different now, people are awakening. Our city's former organizing minister said over ten years ago, 'The disintegration of the CCP is inevitable.' The high level people are all talking, and have arranged 'back up plans' for themselves, sent their children overseas to live, and deposited large amounts of corruption money in overseas accounts."

Then my wife told them about the Three Withdrawals (withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated Youth League and Young Pioneers) to maintain a good future. Initially they had some concerns, so I said, "Loving the country is not equivalent to loving the party, loving the party is not equivalent to loving the country. You have a home where there is a country!" Then they decided to quit and said happily, "Thanks!" The old man held his thumb up to confirm what I had just said. The old lady told us she had been to 12 countries, and seen Falun Dafa everywhere. They knew Dafa is good. I told them to often recite "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," and "Falun Dafa is good," and they would have happiness and peace. If they tell others, they can also accumulate virtue. They were a retired deputy chief engineer and senior engineer. We felt happy for them from our hearts.

All Things are Good Things

The Chinese Communist Party spared no effort to persecute good people prior to the Beijing Olympics, and arrested, detained, sentenced and monitored Falun Dafa practitioners, greatly disrupting the daily lives of the majority of the people in China.

In June 2008, my work managers told me to go to another city to work, suggesting that I was temporarily needed there. But really it was bowing down to the CCP's requirement of guaranteeing the "safety of the Olympics." I told the manager, "You are wrong to do this, you are extremely nervous and unfair to good people." He admitted this, and kindly said, "They lack technical manpower, please help."

I recalled Teacher's Fa,

"So, whenever the wicked CCP wants to do some bad thing, it will turn into a failure and scandal as soon as it's begun... You should know, and I have been saying all along, that when you, as Dafa disciples, look at something, you have to make sure to view it in reverse since the Three Realms are inverted, and you have to conduct yourselves in a positive, correct manner." ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

I recalled my thoughts. I had fear, and often suspected I was being watched. My suspicions grew every time it occurred and I was not completely clear in my mind. When I saw my shortcomings, I felt ashamed and regretful. Since it was already going to happen, I regarded the trip to another city as a good thing, and a good chance to save more people.

In the new working environment, the unit branch secretary often asked a certain question, obviously trying to observe my thoughts. After a long period of time, he understood the truth about Dafa, and, on his own initiative, moved to my dormitory to live with me. He often made tea for me, and respected me a lot. I knew his respect was not towards me personally, but from the heart towards a Dafa practitioner. I did not fall behind on studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. Sometimes I did not do well, but I always tried to carry on.

After a period of time, this branch secretary of the CCP told whomever he met, "This Falun Dafa practitioner works very well, very outstanding. If everyone were the same as Falun Dafa practitioners, then it would be easy to manage the team." Soon after, this secretary wanted to learn Falun Dafa, and joined the practice. On the second day of learning Dafa, the company manager asked every branch unit to report on practitioners at their work, but this secretary remained silent; when others mentioned Falun Dafa, the secretary said how good Falun Dafa is. The manager couldn't do anything, and the report meeting became a meeting to promote Falun Dafa.

When our actions are righteous everything changes, so Falun Dafa practitioners should look at issues with righteous thoughts, and remember all things are good things.