(Clearwisdom.net) Kaohsiung, TAIWAN- Shen Yun Performing Arts presented its first show in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on March 14, 2009. The audience in the Kaohsiung County Labors Entertainment Center laughed, nodded, and cried as they watch five thousand years of China's history and tradition.

Director of AIT in Kaohsiung: More Touching Than the First Time

Kang Shengru, Director of the American Institute in Taipei (AIT), Kaohsiung Division, brought his friend to the Entertainment Center on March 14. After the show, Kang said excitedly, "Terrific! There is no limit to the profoundness of Chinese culture."

Kang Shengru, Director of the American Institute in Taipei (AIT), Kaohsiung Division, saw the 2009 Spectacular twice

On February 21, Kang took his parents to Tainan to see the Shen Yun Spectacular. At the time, he was determined to see it again when the Shen Yun was in Kaohsiung. "I saw my first Spectacular in Tainan. When I came back to Kaohsiung, I told my colleagues in AIT that I wanted to go see it again."

Kang said that he was very moved and enjoyed it even more the second time. "This time I observed more about the colors, the skills, and the dancing. There were many layers to it. The singers were impressive. This show was very unique and I learned a lot from it."

What really touched him was the tremendous amount of effort Shen Yun put into presenting the cultural content of China's 5000 years of history. "Most of the artists are Americans. Seeing them in such beautiful dances and presenting Chinese culture in such a great way was very touching to me. At the same time, I see many marvelous stories from Chinese culture, which is a wonderful thing."

Kang observed the audiences' reactions to the different programs. "Many of the children sitting behind me reacted enthusiastically to stories such as 'The Poet's Vision' and 'The Monkey King Triumphs.' I think it is very important for children to experience Chinese culture and the beauty and meaning within Chinese literature."

Kang said he would absolutely promote the show to people he knew. "My parents told me they would for sure go to see the Shen Yun show once they returned to the US. They want to see the show often."

Pingtung County Police Chief: Learn the Spirit of Shen Yun

Song Kongkai, Chief of the Pingtung County Police Bureau, saw the show with his wife. He praised the show for making him feel renewed. "The performance was outstanding and the colors and costumes coordinated very well. The quality is so high, it is quite refreshing."

Song Kongkai, Chief of the Pingtung County Police Bureau.

Song was amazed by the stage design in "The Poet's Vision." "The scenes and design of the backdrop were fantastic. They put in a lot of effort to make it look like many celestial maidens flying out of the moon in the background."

Ethnic dances were a brand new experience for Song. "I rarely see ethnic dances. The Spectacular presented special ethnic dances of the Tibetans and the Yi. They were new to me."

Song has seen Chinese dances but they were not the same as those he saw in the Spectacular. "I have been to China many times and seen similar performances there, but they were far inferior to what I saw today. The Shen Yun performing abilities were exquisite, whether it was the dances, the choreography, or the stories."

Song saw the spiritual level of the performance besides the beauty and magnificence. "I feel the Shen Yun embodies the spirituality of Chinese culture and delivers a lot of messages in its dances."

Song felt he could learn from the Shen Yun at work, "We can learn the power of helping others and to benefit the society."