(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners in Finland gathered at the square on the north side of the central railway station in Helsinki on February 20, 2009, to hold an activity exposing how the Chinese Communist Party has been cruelly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners for more than nine years. Many people signed the petition against the persecution one after another.

Although the temperature was very low and the wind was cold, many passersby stopped and talked to practitioners to express their appreciation for what they were doing.

Stopping in front of the information posters, Mirja and Eero told the practitioners that they had seen them there last summer, but they were not curious about Falun Gong. Upon hearing Anna's introduction and seeing the petition condemning the persecution, Eero told Mirja, his girlfriend, "We should sign the petition today." They were very moved after chatting with the practitioners for a while.

A lady who had been to Beijing told the practitioners that she understood the situation there and supported Falun Gong. She hoped that the situation could be changed as soon as possible, and thought that the international community should pay attention to the persecution of Falun Gong. As there were tragedies happening every day, the international community should take quick action. She said that although Finland is a small country, its government should do something about it. And she believed that Finland would be the first country who would help stop the persecution.

An older lady was very interested when accepting a leaflet. She was a Christian and knew about the many devout Christians who have been persecuted in China, and is very worried about Falun Gong. She respects Falun Gong practitioners because they are peaceful, determined and not imposing. She feels that there are currently too many negative things in the world and the values and beliefs of Finnish people are also declining. What is needed here is something good (referring to Falun Gong). She said that the CCP is very much afraid of people who hold firmly to their beliefs.