(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts began touring the world in 2006 and their performances have won the hearts of audiences worldwide because of their excellent artistry and the unique content that is deeply rooted in five thousand years of Chinese traditional culture. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been constantly interfering with Shen Yun's performances. Its embassies and consulates as well as secret agents have tried their utmost to obstruct Shen Yun's performances, especially this year. However, their attempts have ended in defeat again and again.

Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts toured 66 cities in 2008 across four continents and staged 215 performances for more than 600,000 audience members. Shen Yun expects a total audience of more than 800,000 this year.

CCP tries to obstruct Shen Yun's performances from various angles

Before Shen Yun started their world tour, the Communist regime tried various means to obstruct the show, such as by harassing its sponsors, blocking ticket hotlines, and mobilizing overseas Chinese students to interfere and stop audience members from entering the theater. When the regime agents saw that their attempts did not work, they resorted to threats.

On January 6, 2009 the Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt sent a letter in the form of a State diplomatic correspondence to the Premier's Office of Hesse, Germany and foreign consulates in the state of Hesse to slander Shen Yun. The Danish Royal Opera House was forced to cancel the performance last March due to immense pressure received from the Communist regime. The Chinese consulate in Stockholm also tried to harass relevant departments in Stockholm and Linkoping, attempting to stop Shen Yun's performance in Sweden.

The regime not only tried to interfere in Europe, their embassies and consulates in South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the US have also tried to sabotage Shen Yun performances or directly threaten audience members not to go to the show. In the US, the regime's agents even resorted to sending threatening letters through secret agents to overseas Chinese organizations or Chinese student associations. The Chinese regime directly threatened members of these organizations, saying that they would covertly take their photos if they were to go to the show and they would encounter problems returning to China in the future if their photos were taken.

CCP's tactics were exposed; evil can never prevail over righteousness

Despite the communist regime's relentless efforts to stop the show, many people in different countries have shown their support and love for Shen Yun by responding with thunderous applause and high praise. People openly condemn the ridiculous harassments from the communist regime. Experience has shown that the regime's harassments have not only failed to defame Shen Yun, but on the contrary, they have enabled more people from various countries to both more clearly see the evil nature of the Communist Party and the beauty of Shen Yun. The CCP has established itself as an enemy of the traditional culture and moral values.

For example, Danish National Television, the largest station with the highest viewing rating in Denmark, exposed the CCP's plot to the public on March 18, 2008, broadcasting a prime-time in-depth report entitled, "Theater Encounters Great Pressure from China." The station's reporters interviewed more than 80 people during the preceding month. Twenty-five members of Parliament in Sweden published a joint statement, "We warmly welcome the first visit of the Divine Performing Arts to Sweden! We, members of different political parties in the Swedish Parliament, condemn the Chinese embassy for violating freedom of speech in our country." Seven Parliament members also specially published a rare joint statement that they were going to see the performance.

Just as they did last year, the Chinese Embassy in South Korea again tried to block Shen Yun's performance in Seoul this year, and for a while, the Universal Arts Center was under great pressure. The regime said that if the Center did not cancel its contract with Shen Yun, they would not be granted visas to go to China, and South Korea's huge investment in China may be affected. On February 3, the court passed a judgement in the presenter's favour, and the regime's threat ended in defeat. Shen Yun performed in Seoul for the third time, and staged six shows in five days, playing to capacity or near-capacity crowds.

On February 8, 2009, Shen Yun International Company staged their last show in Seoul, playing to a packed house.

On February 22, 2009, Shen Yun New York Company plays to a full house at the premiere show in Frankfurt, Germany

"The Chinese Embassy helps advertise Shen Yun every year"

A staff member of the main presenter of Shen Yun in Germany said, "The Chinese Embassy helps advertise Shen Yun every year." A German MP immediately decided to go and watch Shen Yun's performance after he received a letter from the Chinese embassy; UK MP Gerard Batten encouraged all European Union MPs to watch Shen Yun's performance; on February 10, Hans-Gert Poettering, Chairman of European Union Parliament and the Deputy Chairman Edward McMillan-Scott jointly sent a congratulatory letter to the Shen Yun sponsors, extending their best wishes for Shen Yun's success in Germany; some MPs in Frankfurt called the hotline to book tickets to watch the performance after they learned about the obstruction by the communist regime. Some people called to book tickets after reading flyers about the interference from the CCP. An international human rights organization headquartered in Frankfurt exposed the threatening letter from the CCP on the Internet, condemning the Chinese Embassy for "interfering with cultural freedom on German soil." Some audience members expressed that they wanted to support and watch Shen Yun even more as a result of the attempted obstruction from the regime.

It is obvious that the CCP's attempts to suppress Shen Yun overseas always end up helping advertise Shen Yun in the end.

Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt sent a letter dated January 6, 2009 in the form of a State diplomatic correspondence to the Hesse State Government in Germany and foreign consulates in Hesse State to slander Shen Yun.

The CCP is afraid of China's traditional culture and values

The content of DPA's performance depicts the essence of China's five thousand years of traditional culture, and has greatly inspired the audience members. Men and women, young and old, people from all walks of life and from various nationalities have all been deeply touched in their hearts and Shen Yun has won great respect from people around the world.

Why is it then that the Communist regime tries so hard to interfere with such a prestigious show that promotes China's traditional culture? The reason is that the regime has for a long time suppressed freedom and human rights, especially during the "Cultural Revolution" when China's traditional culture and values were almost completely destroyed, in order to brainwash the Chinese people. Shen Yun's world tour has caused a sensation around the world, stirring up a wave of returning to China's traditional culture and values. This has scared the atheist communist regime and made it uneasy.

Clearly, Shen Yun is promoting China's traditional culture, and this has made the Marxist regime scared to death. Shen Yun's performance also expose the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong, enabling the audience members to see more clearly the hideous face of the CCP.

Every instance of interference from the CCP promotes Shen Yun

Looking back at the ugly interference from the regime over the last three years, it is very clear that the best way to stop them is to openly expose the regime's base actions.

In 2007, while Shen Yun was performing in Canada, many important figures in politics received a threatening letter from the Chinese embassy and consulates, yet the show went on as usual and was warmly welcomed by people from all sectors. The Canadian Prime Minister personally sent a congratulatory letter; Canadian Environment Minister John Baird went to the show in person to congratulate Shen Yun on behalf of the Prime Minister.

At the end of 2007, New York State Representative Michael Benjamin, Jim Naugle, Mayor of Fort Lauderale, Florida and Chris Norby, Chairman of Orange County's Board of Supervisors in California all received a letter from the CCP consulate, urging them not to go to watch Shen Yun's performance. These democratically elected officials openly responded to the letter of harassment. Chris Norby openly rebuked the pressure from the CCP Consulate in the Los Angeles Times, "Your request is an insult to me. Of course I will not comply."

Like Chris Norby, Representative Michael Benjamin also refused the request from the CCP Consulate. He made public the letter and condemned it. He said the Communist Party is the true evil cult. Mayor Jim Naugle totally ignored the CCP's letter and issued a proclamation to Shen Yun. He expressed that he would watch more of Shen Yun's performances.

In 2007, before the show in Canberra, the Communist embassy sent a letter to every single MP, slandering Shen Yun and telling them not to go to the show. However, things turned upside down and counter to their wishes, as the letter had in fact attracted more MPs to the show. On April 5, 2007, Keith Locke, Green Party MP, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs sent a congratulatory letter to Shen Yun and condemned the interference from the Chinse regime. Dozens of dignitaries confirmed that they had received similar interfering phone calls, but they went to the show as planned.

Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts has swept the world; people know what is good and what is bad

In 2008 Shen Yun toured 66 cities across America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, with 215 shows, bringing happiness and joy to more than 600,000 audience members. This year, the number will be over 800,000. Shen Yun performances are wonderful, guiding people to see the revival of and to appreciate the beauty of pure and untainted traditional culture.

China's five thousand years' of civilization displays a culture bestowed by heaven, and Shen Yun has depicted the true classical Chinese arts to their full purity, compassion and beauty, reflecting the profundity of belief in God, the harmony between man and nature, and at the same time promoting the values of human nature and life. Shen Yun's world tours have awakened truthfulness, compassion and peace deep inside people's hearts and souls and will guide people towards a beautiful future.

The interference from the Chinese embassies, consulates and secret agents over recent years have not only ended up in vain, but have also highlighted the brilliance of Shen Yun and the fact that Shen Yun is very much loved and welcomed by the people.