(Clearwisdom.net) I am a female practitioner and I often go to a remote mountain area with a fellow practitioner (who's male) to do Fa validation work. His celestial eye is open. We need to go to two places during each trip, and the schedule is very tight. I usually drive about ten hours each day. He does not know how to drive.

One time, I had a thought on the way back: Maybe I owed him in my previous life. He is a man, but does not know how to drive. I am woman, but have to drive a long time. It's very tiring! While I was thinking, he saw a scene: In one life, both of us were born in Shanghai. I was a wealthy lady, he was a cart driver. I was riding his cart, and after a long trip, I paid him a lot of money. He was happy and counted the money. After hearing this, I understood. Master showed us our predestination relationship.

I have enlightened to a principle which I previously didn't understand. Master said:

"The sins and karma from the being's mental suffering can be paid for through the difficulty and pain of cultivation" ("Dafa Is All-Encompassing" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I previously never understood what the sins and karma from a being's mental suffering was. How was it owed and how was it paid back? Now I understand. From the surface, it's fair. I paid him for the ride. But he was very tired. This tiredness manifests both mentally and physically. In this life, it's reversed. I drive and he rides along. I am paying back his mental and physical "tiredness."

There are so many things in this life that we don't understand. I was moved by this new insight. I understand how hard it is for Master to arrange our cultivation paths. This is a small thing. I was filled with awe over Master's sacrifices. Also it is related to many factors. It resolves a painful resentment and sentiment! How could we truly understand Master's compassion even with all our thankfulness and wisdom! It's hard to imagine how much Master has sacrificed in history to create a path for us today.

January 29, 2009