(Clearwisdom.net) The second show in Taipei by Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts (SYDPA) International Company was staged on Feb. 26, 2009. The heavenly stage setting and backgrounds took the audience out of this world. Many influential people in the political, arts and entertainment circles saw the show and were deeply touched.

Standing ovation

Happy audience

Former Vice President Lu Hsui-lien

Former Vice President Lu Hsui-lien watched the second SYDPA show. According to receptionist personnel, throughout the performance Ms. Lu couldn't help praising the show, "Wow! The artists are beautiful! The dances are great! The costumes are gorgeous! They look like fairies!"

Steven Kuo Su, Deputy Director-General of the Tourism Bureau, invited his friends to see the DPA show together. He praised the backgrounds during intermission, "The program showed the divine spirit of China. The three-dimensional-looking backgrounds in combination with the dances created a wonderful visual effect!"

Steven Kuo Su, Deputy Director-General of the Tourism Bureau

Mr. Kuo Su added, "It is not easy to combine classical Chinese dance and cultural meaning of different ethnic groups. However, the SYDPA succeeded. It is drastically different from ballet. If SYDPA's trips to Taiwan are fixed, we can advertise it in our tourist information. The combination of Chinese cultural show and the culture in Taiwan will attract more tourists."

Mr. Wu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Shi Kong Financial Holding Co. and his wife saw the SYDPA show on Feb. 26. He said, "Many people are anxious and some depressed during this financial storm. It is great to have the SYDPA show!"

Mr. and Mrs. Wu

It was the first time for Mr. and Mrs. Wu to see the SYDPA show. They were very impressed. Mr. Wu emphasized, "The costumes are gorgeous! The stage is gorgeous! The background is gorgeous too!" He had high praise for the three-dimensional background and miraculously perfect and natural transition of the background and the dancers' movements.

Mrs. Wu praised the superb skill of the SYDPA show. She said the costumes were elegant and gorgeous. "It made you feel fairies descended from the heaven," she said. She was most impressed with the atmosphere in the dance Udumbara's Bloom and the energy in Dance of the Snow-Capped Mountain. Mr. Wu added that Mulun Joins the Battle had great momentum. On hearing that the Falun Dafa Association was the sponsor of the show and the artists were overseas Chinese, the couple was very surprised and happy. They said they would like to see the show again in Hsinchu in March.

Mr. Tseng, Director of West Lake Resort, watched show with his wife. He said he saw pure Chinese art, "My overall impression is it's gorgeous. The colors, stage and everything was very superb!"

Mr. Tseng, Director West Lake Resort

Mr. Tseng said the DPA show was a great presentation of Chinese people's feeling and art through the combination of traditional and modern arts. He was especially impressed with Dance of the Snow-Capped Mountain.

Mr. Zdenek Degen, Deputy Representative of the Czech Economic and Cultural Office, said with excitement, "I think it is magnificent! It is way beyond my expectation! It is indeed gorgeous! The SYDPA show is authentic Chinese culture!

"I think Persecuted on a Sacred Path was very moving! It touched my heart! I am from Czech, so I completely understand what it meant by being persecuted by individuals, by Communism and by the Soviet Regime. I know the meaning it expressed: Though you are persecuted, you will go to heaven eventually. There are beautiful things ahead of you. So you must fight the trouble. The show is excellent!"