(Clearwisdom.net) Coming straight from its six-show sensation in Tainan, Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts (SYDPA) first night in Taiwan's capital, Taipei, was again a roaring success. With a theater full of political figures and those from financial and artistic circles, the President of the Republic of China, Ma Ying-jeou, made a presentation of flowers and a congratulatory plaque inscribed with "May the Divine Performing Arts Company Be a Complete Success."

The audience was captivated by the show

A captivated audience

The large bouquet of flowers sent by Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeuo

Former National Policy Advisor Immensely Touched by SYDPA Show

Fan Jen-hui, former national policy advisor and president of United Nation for Taiwan Campaign, said that, although this was the first time he had ever seen a SYDPA performance, he was immensely touched. He thought the dancing was natural, wonderful, and moving, because it was a combination of body, spirit, and faith.

Former national policy advisor and president of United Nation for Taiwan Campaign Fan Jen-hui

"I was most impressed by the program 'Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution,'" he said. He was sympathetic about what the program represented. It shows how Falun Gong is being persecuted by the Communist Party in China and how the universal values of human rights, democracy, and equality are being trampled on. He said, "I was moved by the protagonist's spirit of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. In the end, the protagonist died and ascended to heaven. I thought the scene was very realistic."

Mr. Fan said that, after watching the show, he felt that all people are essentially kindhearted. "We should cherish the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance shown by Falun Gong practitioners. To forgive the persecutors, as Falun Gong practitioners do, is something that touched me so much.

"Their singing and the performance of every performer was natural and realistic. From the words of the singers, I understood that people 'come with nothing and pass away with nothing.' I also want to learn Falun Gong for the morality of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance upheld by Falun Gong practitioners and the capacity they showed. What they presented is very touching."
Renowned '70s Actress: "The show touched me many times"

Among the audience was Chang Lihmin, a renowned Asian singer and actress in the '60s and '70s.

"The show touched me many times," she said, upon pondering for a short moment.

"I was surprised to learn that most of these dancers grew up outside of China. They danced so superbly. ... They are able to showcase and promote the culture in this performance."

Chang Lihmin, a renowned Asian singer and actress

Seeing the show for the first time in Taipei, Ms. Chang said she felt stirred by the whole show because the Chinese classical dance and the stage were perfectly displayed.

Ms. Chang particularly liked "Mulan Joins the Battle" for its delineation of gentleness, strength, filial piety, and loyalty toward one's country.

"The show conveyed this kind of respect toward gods and an openness to life and death. It seemed to show a solemn attitude toward life.

"Because the performers were well-versed in dance. The choreography and the stage effects were also wonderful. I think, most importantly, that there's a very good mentor behind the scenes, guiding these dancers' movements."
Art Professor: "The show instilled the tradition with a new spirit. It's lively."

"The show instilled the tradition with a new spirit. It maintained the inherent cultural traditions and added new elements, so it was very lively," said Lee Kun-pei, a retired professor of the Fine Arts Department of National Normal University, after seeing the first SYDPA show in Taipei on February 25.

Lee Kun-pei, a retired professor of the Fine Arts Department of National Normal University

Professor Lee is 75 years old. He came to the show with his wife, Liang Danbei, a well-known watercolor artist. Lee was quite impressed by Yang Jiansheng's voice. "The alto [Yang Jiansheng] is a female singer, but her voice was resonant and low, which was very special. I was very moved by her singing." The audience responded with enthusiastic applause and shouted "Encore!" after she sang "Pause to Notice." She complied and sang "Awakening."

Liang Danbei said that she and her husband are in the fine arts, so they seldom attend live performances. However, she was amazed by SYDPA. She thought it was quite marvelous. She said, "They performed very well. I was quite touched. Their dancing skills are very solid. The stories are very good, the backdrops are wonderful, and gods came from the heaven.... All these are special."

She was most impressed by the program, "The Poet's Vision," commenting that the scene represented a state that people yearn for. She immediately added that every program was "fantastic" and that she liked them all.

Mrs. Liang said that, from the viewpoint of fine arts, "The costumes and colors are unique. Its beauty is profound and attractive. Every story was represented in different ways. All of the dancing was graceful. Some of the performers had such strength. We were quite moved."

Deputy Director of Taiwan Heart: As if divine beings and Buddhas had descended to the earth.

Deputy Director Li Rui-guang of Taiwan Heart liked the Chinese classical dancing. He said, "It was as if divine beings and Buddhas had descended to earth and performed."

Deputy director Li Rui-guang of Taiwan Heart

Mr. Li said, "The dancers in 'Dance of the Yi' had such colorful costumes, like blooming flowers. Every gesture was natural. It seemed that, instead of humans dancing, deities were performing."

Mr. Li thought that the dancers' skills and multimedia components made for a graceful, artistic show. He commented, "The female dancers were especially touching because of the spiritual belief and inner power they were able to convey."

Art Center Director: I saw a spirit of kindness

Huang Mei, Director of Huang Mei International Art Center and a painter, said after the show, "I saw a spirit of kindness."

Huang Mei, Director of Huang Mei International Art Center, and friends

She was very favorably impressed with the SYDPA's choreography, costumes, and colors. She said, "The dancers' gestures and costumes are well coordinated. From an artistic point of view, I think the entire show is very beautiful."

Ms. Huang thought that children should see the show, "The show is healthy mentally and spiritually. I liked it very much."