(Clearwisdom.net) On May 8, 2007, I was reported and arrested for encouraging people to quit the communist party. I was illegally detained in the Women's Detention Center, and then transferred to a brainwashing center in Jianghan District, Wuhan City, where I was brutally tortured. A policeman named Qu instigated henchmen to force me to listen to the communist constitution. I told them not to contribute to the persecution of Falun Gong. They would not listen to me. Instead, they pulled me off the bed and kicked me brutally. They dragged me in front of the tape recorder and forced me to continue listening. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts that the tape would twist and fail. I was determined to protect Dafa. About twenty days later, the tape twisted and failed.

Later, they forced me to read articles written by people who had given up Falun Dafa. I read them over and found that they all had altered Master's Fa. I told the henchmen that the articles were all full of lies. They began to beat me to the point that my skin was black and blue everywhere. In order to "transform" me, they did not let me sleep for several days straight. Two of them, Sun Jun and Fu, took a pen from me and wrote dirty words to insult Master. I was very sad and cried. A policeman walked in and slapped my face. Other people who tortured me include Lei Xiulan, Yuan, Chen, and Yang Yang.

Due to the interference of the sleep demon as well as the fact that I was not able to study the Fa, my righteous thoughts were weak and I began to be influenced by their seemingly flowery words and crooked understandings. When my mind became clear again, I regretted deeply and I felt quite pained. I felt that I had let Dafa down and let Master down. I immediately told them that all I had said in the brainwashing center against Dafa was invalid. Qu became extremely angry and threatened to "use a rusty knife to torture me." After three months of torture, my body was thin as a piece of wood. Police officer Qu and five others carried me to a Drug Rehabilitation Center to do forced labor for a year.

The police there forced me to work like a slave. They instigated the duty prisoners to give me more work than others and they did not let me sleep until I finished. Sometimes I did not get to sleep for entire nights. My whole body was swollen. Police officer Hu Fang listed me as a "target to focus on." When they tried to take pictures of me, I refused. Four of them pushed me down to ground and took pictures of my back and private parts. Police Hu Yang yelled abuse at me and threatened that they would display the photos in the lobby to humiliate me.

It was snowing very heavily on January 14, 2008. Drug addict Liu Ying ordered me to make gloves. I said that my eyes were not good and I could not do it. When I wanted to go to the bathroom, she said that since I did not do labor, I could not use the bathroom. Two prisoners blocked the door for over two hours. I could not bear it anymore and tried to exit through the back door. A prisoner immediately jumped towards me and beat me. I yelled, "Someone is beating me." Police Hu Fang grabbed my throat with both hands and forced me to not yell. She also told others to handcuff me. I said that I needed to go to the bathroom. Hu Fang screamed "You can't hold it anymore? Have you peed in your pants yet?!" She then pulled down my pants in front of everyone. I felt very hurt and cried. Hu Fang told the prisoners to insert my soiled clothing and towels into my mouth. I closed my mouth firmly. The prisoners then dug into my mouth with their fingernails. There was blood all over the towels.

The guards instigated prisoners to throw in fingernails, hairs, and metal wires into my food bowl.

On May 23, 2008, a group of inspectors visited the forced labor camp. I thought that it was a chance to tell them the truth of the persecution. I shouted in front of the window, "I practice Falun Gong. My name is Ye Xiaofen, and I've been tortured very badly here in the forced labor camp." Prisoner Liu Ying rushed to me and started strangling me. I immediately fell to the ground and passed out. When I regained consciousness, the prisoners surrounding me were about to beat me up. Master protected me and they did not get to torture me.

After a year of torture in the forced labor camp, on August 26, 2008, I was again transferred to the Jianghan District brainwashing center. The personnel there beat me and cursed at me. They forced me to wear sandals in the dead of winter. They beat male Dafa practitioners and made their heads bleed. Then they forced them to take drugs, and if the practitioners did not cooperate they would be taken inside to be beaten brutally. I yelled, "Gangsters are beating people!" They were afraid that others would hear it and hurriedly closed the window. They also began to play the slanderous tapes. I firmly rejected them. I asked Master to help me to send forth the strongest righteous thoughts. I recited, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Falun Dafa is good! Master is great! Falun Dafa is righteous! My Master is innocent! Bring Jiang Zemin to justice! Quit the communist party to be safe! Jianghan District Brainwashing Center, stop torturing Dafa practitioners immediately!"

Police Qu called seven people, including the deputy commander of the Jianghan District Police Station, to beat me brutally. They grabbed my hair and slammed my head against the wall, dragged me across the ground, and tried to strangle me to stop me from calling out. Master's Fa-rectification verses were clearing the evil behind them. They looked very afraid when I recited the Fa-rectification verses.

With Master's care, my relatives took me back home. By maintaining righteous thoughts, I walked out of the brainwashing center in an upright and dignified manner.