(Clearwisdom.net) After extensive investigation, we have learned of the following incidents of persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners at Wangcun Forced Labor Camp:

Mr. Li Gang, a practitioner from Weifang City, was hung by his handcuffed wrists in a restroom for seven consecutive days. The guards didn't allow him to close his eyes during this period.

Mr. Gao Hong from Zibo City was forced to sit on a narrow bench, and not allowed to blink for six days. On the seventh day, the guards turned the bench upside down and forced him to sit on the tips of the bench legs.

Mr. Xue Cunlin from Liaocheng City was handcuffed and hung up for several days. During this period, guards Luo Guangrong, Li Gongming, and Gao Chengwei used sticks to forcefully jab into his rib cage for two hours.

Mr. Guo Jiafu was beaten for about four hours by guards Luo Guangrong, Li Gongmin, Zhang Ruimin, and Wang Xinjiang for writing "Stop the Persecution" when doing a summary report. In the evening, Zhang Ruimin came on duty, and beat him again until daybreak.

Mr. Yang Ming, who was once jailed in the Intensive-Discipline Ward and later transferred to the Fourth Ward of general training, has been released.

Mr. Peng Yunchang of Fei County in Linyi City was sent to the Tenth Ward to undergo persecution.

Practitioner Mr. Liu Yuanjie of Mengyin County in Linyi City was sent to the Third Ward for continued persecution. He had been in the Intensive-Discipline Ward since being imprisoned in the forced labor camp in October 2006. In the Third Ward, he was forced to sit on a narrow bench for over two years.

Mr. Sun Jiangdong from Binzhou refused to answer during role-call, refused to listen to lectures slandering Dafa, and would not acknowledge being a "criminal inmate" in the forced labor camp. Before he was put in the General Training Ward, he was forced to sit on a seat with sharp objects on it and on narrow benches in the Intensive-Discipline Ward for a year and nine months.

Mr. Zhang Feng of Liaocheng was persecuted in the Intensive-Discipline Ward for over two years. He was forced to sit on a narrow bench until his release.

Mr. Sun Depo of Zibo City held a hunger strike for thirteen months. When his health condition became critical, the forced labor camp had to release him.

Mr. Cao Yuguo of Rushan in Weihai City spent time in the Intensive-Discipline Ward before his release from the camp.

Mr. Wei Min in Zaozhuang was forced to sit on a narrow bench in the Intensive-Discipline Ward. He refused to compromise to the persecutors and didn't write a single word [against Dafa] for them. He has been released.

Mr. Wu Kejan of Gaomi in Weifang City also refused to compromise. He too has been released.

Mr. Wang Bing of Gaoqing in Zibo City was transferred from the Intensive-Discipline Ward to the General Training Ward.

Mr. Yan Fulu of Licheng in Jinan City openly stood up in a meeting to expose guard Wang Xinjiang's abuse, and declared that Falun Gong was not a cult. He was then shocked with electric batons by Luo Guangrong, Li Gongmin and others - four electric batons together - and then put in solitary confinement for seven days. Later he was cuffed, hung up, and beaten for two consecutive days because he refused to watch a brainwashing movie.

Guo Minxue of Longkou City went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution of Falun Dafa. The guards shocked him with four electric batons.

The above instances are only the tip of the iceberg. Countless other crimes that the public does not know about have been committed at Wangcun Labor Camp. These instances of persecution were all coerced, directed, or done in person by guards Luo Guangrong, Li Gongmin, Wang Xinjiang, and Song Nan.

Now the camp is so crowded that people have to sleep in the hallways or conference rooms. Bedrooms with a capacity of fourteen are all occupied by fifteen or sixteen people. Practitioners currently held in the Intensive-Discipline Ward include:

Li Jian, a practitioner from Jinan City
Zhou Xuening, a practitioner from Zhangqiu in Henan Province
Zhai Mouchen, a practitioner From Zhangdian in Zibo City
Yan Wencheng, a practitioner from Qishui in Zibo City
Li Jiangang, Li Gang, Yu Wei, and Zhang Daozhong, practitioners from Weifang City
Gao Hong, a practitioner from Zibo City

The practitioners mentioned are all very steadfast.

Police guards:
Captain Lu Guangrong, Trainer Li Gongmin, Deputy Captain Wang Xinjiang, Deputy Captain Zhang Qin, Li Fushui, Song Nan, Zhang Ruimin, Gao Chengwei, Cao Chengtao, Bi Hongtao, Liu Zhonghao, Sheng Xijun, Wang Hogang.
The director of the persecution at Wangcun Forced Labor Camp is Zhao Qidong of Binzhou. He has beaten steadfast practitioners many times.