(Clearwisdom.net) Since my childhood, I knew that celestial ladies were most beautiful, and that deities were high-level celestial beings. I liked to look at pictures of flying beauties and celestial ladies throwing flowers. My younger sister and I often pretended to be gods. We covered our bodies with a bed sheet, pillow case and so on. We imitated their very long sleeves and moved about with exquisite movements. When we started school, textbooks became my drawing books. The entire book was filled with celestial ladies, hair decorations and clothes. My father often scolded me for doing this.

When in elementary school, I had a dream one night. I remembered everything clearly after waking up. The park near my home played a large role in this dream. One section was being expanded with bricks, sand, cement and a shovel. A garden was built and the annual scarlet sage flower was planted in the pond. People in gray gowns poured the cement, and women in dark blue gowns planted the flowers. I thought it was interesting, so I told my younger sister about it. She said: "Nonsense, how can that happen in winter? How can they plant the scarlet sage flower?"

I no longer talked about this dream and time flew by. It was June 1, the date for the Children's Festival. My sister and I went to the park. What did I see? I said to my sister, "Little sister, look at this place, it is exactly as I saw it in my dream. There is the pond made with cement and the scarlet sage flower is planted in the middle of the pond. The male and female workers were dressed just as I saw in my dream. How could I dream about things in the future? Truly amazing."

Another time, after waking up from sleep, I felt extremely uncomfortable and sad and held the thought of "dying of a broken heart." I cried so hard that my pillow was wet, but I did not know why. I just felt uncomfortable and deeply saddened for the entire day. Three days later, we received a telegram saying that Grandmother had died. The time my grandmother died was the same time I woke up crying. That was several thousand miles away! This was really strange.

After I grew up, I liked to read science fiction. I really believed that the unusual things I read about could happen. I always hoped to find an answer in the books.

When I was fortunate enough to read Zhuan Falun, I finally understood everything -- reincarnation in the human world, retribution due to karma, accumulation of virtue by doing good deeds, and clairvoyance. Finally, I understood that the realm of Buddhas, the realm of gods, the Three Realms and the human world are different realms.

I began to practice Falun Dafa after the persecution had started. I had heard about the practice, but due to the slander, and the Communist Party culture and education, I was unable to understand practitioners' realm of letting go of life and death. But this wrong thinking changed quickly. In 2001, CCTV, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece, broadcast the "Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident." This broadcast was in my eyes ridiculous and hateful. It helped me recognize the CCP's disgraceful acts. Anyone with a bit of medical knowledge would understand that a patient with burns on the body must expose the burned area, to prevent adhesion and suppuration. Yet, the patient with the burns shown on TV was wrapped in thick cloth. The young girl who had her trachea cut open spoke clearly, and even sang a song during the interview. So fake! Isn't this fabrication and framing?

I truly stepped into the practice in 2003. That year my workplace held a technical competition. As I strove to win and wanted to validate myself, I got up early and went to sleep late and did not go home for three months. I achieved first place. I was confident, and felt I was capable and as good as anyone else. I was excited for several days and then I became anxious as I was faced with many tests - family, childcare, work, excessive stress that caused fatigue, anxiety, headaches, and a depressed mood were always with me. Then, my hair turned white. I was so tired and weary and felt rather pessimistic. I wanted to become a nun and find a quiet place where I could cultivate my mind and body.

Once I told a colleague that I wanted to join a temple, chant scriptures, practice Buddhahood, not ask about worldly things and cultivate my mind and body, but did not know how to go about it. My friend said, "Practice Falun Gong. It is really good."

I decided to try and see if it could cultivate mind and body and whether truly practicing Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance could calm my mind.

When I first read the book, I felt it was very difficult to understand. After continuing to read, I gradually understood that I should act according to the Fa the book taught. This lucky chance, this "predestined relationship" had finally arrived! I understood from the Fa the cause of predestined relationships that brought together family, friends, acquaintances and a community. This book told me the concept behind why things happened, and many questions that no other book addressed were answered. I understood that as long as one genuinely practices, one finds the answers.

Mysteries after Joining the Practice

Once, my husband and I went out to play with our child. We watched children playing seesaw and thought that this would be fun. However, we did not know how to play this game. This resulted in a mishap; somehow my right foot was injured. The pain at night made me unable to sleep. I woke my husband up. He said, "Either you have a torn muscle or something more serious." He suggested that I go to the hospital.

I thought that nothing is accidental and I should believe in Teacher and Dafa. This is purifying my body. I said, "I am fine, Teacher is purifying my body and eliminating karma!" The next day, I bore the pain, put on my shoes and went to work. I felt much better at night, so I decided to walk home from work. As soon as I arrived home, my husband called my cell phone, "Wait at work, I will pick you up after work." I quickly replied, "Not necessary, I'm already home." "What, did you go to the hospital in the afternoon? How is your leg?" I responded, "My leg is fine, I walked home from work." He asked, "You did not injure the leg again!" To this I responded, "I'm fine, I am really all right. Isn't it miraculous?" After he came home that night, he carefully checked my leg. It was not red, nor swollen. He said, "Supernatural, truly supernatural. An injury of the muscle and bone often take months to heal. This healed in less than one day." I realized that it depends on one's thought. If one doesn't take it seriously, everything will be all right.

I would like to talk about another miracle. Before my marriage, I was not very healthy. I did not get colds or fevers, but I had to take an anti-inflammatory drug for ear problems. I can't remember all the medicines I had to take during my childhood or how many times I came down with infections. I had many illness symptoms, such as swelling of half of my face, headaches, hearing loss, my mouth would not open and I also had a toothache. I don't like to remember all the pain I suffered at that time.

After I practiced Falun Gong, I no longer had to take any medication and my ear problems no longer bothered me. However one morning, all of a sudden, I felt that half of my face was swollen and my entire face was hurting. I did not want to eat and I thought that my ear problems had come back. The pain lasted for a day. I lay in bed when I suddenly realized, isn't this eliminating karma? From that moment on I could sleep and slept very well that night. The next morning there was nothing wrong with me.

My physical condition after marriage worsened, especially after I gave birth to my child. I easily caught a cold and had a fever -- at least three to four times a year, I lost my voice, and went to the hospital when it was severe for at least a week. It became more and more serious. After about six months into the Falun Gong practice, I had a very high fever. I thought I was eliminating karma. I struggled until the next day. My entire body trembled and my hands and feet were numb. I wanted to practice the exercises, but I could not raise my arms or stand. I went back to bed and thought, "Teacher, I can't be like this, I need to work the night shift. Please stop this elimination of karma. I will certainly do well next time." I insisted on going to work. By the next morning I was fine. Even my husband, a non-practitioner, was amazed because I recovered so quickly from illness.

I introduced my mother to the practice. She had rheumatism in both legs. Before she stood up after sitting, she had to move and rub her legs for several minutes. She also had to rest after walking a brief distance. Her blood pressure once reached 190. The doctors did not let her move, and she had to take a lot of blood pressure medication. People with high blood pressure have to depend on medicine for the rest of their lives. However, after she became a practitioner, her illnesses were gone. She has not taken any medicine in four years and her body is light. She can ride a bicycle and her blood pressure is normal. I no longer worry about her. Mother often says, "Dafa is so good. Thank you Teacher, thank you Dafa. I must practice to the end."