(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of February 13, 2009, Divine Performing Arts staged its third show in the Kennedy Center Opera House, Washington DC. Among the audience were many Chinese people. Ms. Chen from Northern Virginia commended the show highly after seeing the first half. She said, "The show is very traditional and righteous. The performers seem to express their inner emotions, which gives the audience a feeling of sincerity, and makes one feel comfortable and moved."

Ms. Chen continued, "The current art shows in China use colors of deep red or green; and the performers make weird voices and eye contact, making one feel that they are fake, false, and secular, and the audience feels uncomfortable. It is related to the current overwhelming bad environment in China. The whole feeling of shows in [today's] China is not right."

Ms. Chen said, "I appreciate that Divine Performing Arts presents such good, traditional Chinese culture. The DPA show is truly different from art shows in China. The DPA performers demonstrate righteous character."

Ms. Chen came to see the show after hearing about it from her mother, who saw a video of the DPA show from a NTDTV broadcast on Chinese New Year in California. Her mother was very moved by the performance, then checked online and found that the show would be in Washington DC. She told Ms. Chen that she must go see it.

Ms. Chen's mother was born into a wealthy family and is well educated in traditional Chinese culture. She told her daughter that the younger generation does not know the true beauty of traditional Chinese culture and that one must watch the DPA show to learn about it.

DPA presents traditional Chinese moral values

Ms. Liu Weiyi works as a researcher in a biological pharmaceutical company. She said she came to see the show after a Chinese friend told her about it. She said, "After watching it, I found it completely different from what I expected and wonderful beyond my imagination. Within a little more than two hours, the show presents the essence of China's five-thousand-year culture. They did a great job."

Ms. Liu continued, "In China, I never saw such a good show. This is so much better, many times over, than the shows in China. The essence of traditional Chinese culture is sincere, kind and tolerant. The show presents these graceful moral values to the audience."

She said, "I admire the director of the show, who must be great. In Western mainstream society, especially in the Kennedy Art Performing Center, it is rare to showcase traditional Chinese culture. I noticed that around me many were Western people. They praised the DPA show highly. Chinese people should be proud of it."

Ms. Liu concluded, "I'll tell my boss and colleagues about the show. I'll also call my family members in China to share how happy and moved I am by the show."