(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ayi, who is over 60 years old, is a retired teacher. She has practiced Falun Dafa for 15 years.

Ms. Ayi has a computer with a DVD burner. She spends her retirement stipend on blank DVDs for recording information to clarify the factsabout Falun Dafa. Some of the DVDs are given to local practitioners, and some are distributed to the general public.

At one time, she had financial difficulties. She had spent all of her money and taken out a big loan in order to buy a house for her son, so most of her income had to be used to pay off the debt. This situation coincided with the release of the Shen Yun DVD. Ms. Ayi had obtained one Shen Yun DVD from another practitioner, and she wanted to make copies to save more sentient beings, but how could she do this when she had no money?

While she was worrying about funding, another practitioner came to visit her and learned about her situation. The practitioner immediately donated 200 yuan. With this money, Ms. Ayi bought blank DVDs to record the Shen Yun show. She put the DVDs in exquisite covers, gave some to other practitioners, and distributed the remainder to the public. People liked the DVDs very much. They were happy to receive a copy, and repeatedly said, "Thank you!" to Ms. Ayi. All of the DVDs were quickly given out, but there were still many who wanted a copy.

Ms. Ayi wanted to burn more Shen Yun DVDs for these people. What could she do? Ms. Ayi made up her mind to take out another loan. Just then, a practitioner knocked on her door. Ms. Ayi shared her idea with her. This practitioner said, "I have some money at home," and came back with one thousand yuan. Ms. Ayi wondered: "Her retirement pension is low, her daughter is in school, and her old mother has been paralyzed for many years. All of them must need the money. She has a heavy family burden and has more difficulties than I do. How could she spare one thousand yuan?"

From the practitioner's explanation, Ms. Ayi learned that this money came from a scholarship awarded to the practitioner's daughter. The daughter is a teenage Dafa practitioner, majoring in the professional arts. In order to complete a painting called "The Rising Sun," for which she received the scholarship, she had to climb to the peak of a mountain by herself during a dark night, so that she could see the true picture of the sunrise and be able to draw it correctly.

Hearing this story, Ms. Ayi could not stop her tears. This gift was so timely and so precious, yet how much hardship and hard work had been endured to earn this money? This was not just about the money, but an example of how practitioners' compassion and selfless hearts can save more sentient beings. In this world, could anything else be more precious than this?

Using the money from the teenage girl had won, Ms. Ayi burned many more carefully packaged Shen Yun DVDs. When people receive these beautiful DVDs, may they realize how precious and hard-to-come-by they are! One little DVD represents the hard work and compassion of many practitioners.