(Clearwisdom.net) I own an advertising firm and am often worried about having a limited amount of customers. One day, I visited many potential customers one after another, but did not make any progress. While walking on the street, I felt depressed, and one question came to my mind: "I am so worried because only a few customers signed a business contract. Then, as a Dafa disciple, was I ever this concerned when people did not accept information about Dafa or quit the CCP? In other words, have I ever paid that much attention to truth clarification?"

When thinking about this deeper, I was shocked. I saw the gap between me and a genuine Dafa disciple. It is true that I should do my everyday job well, but doing the things well that a Dafa disciple is supposed to do is even more important. When I compared my mindset for my everyday job with that of a Dafa project, why was there such a big contrast? The reason was, because I had too many human notions. If I had put more attention on Dafa and have greater concern for the people we are try to save, would I have been so attached to getting advertising contracts? Apparently, this was not the case. This reflected my cultivation status.

Through this incident, I realized that deep in my heart, I had not fully recognized my mission as a Dafa disciple. Master has told us about this many times and it seemed I had understood it on the surface. But this incident reflected how much attention I had been giving to Dafa projects. In other words, I had not fully understood the importance of my responsibilities as a Dafa disciple.

For my job, I normally list potential customers, find the responsible personnel and then contact them one by one. If one time is not enough, I contact them again. If I were to make a similar list of all my previous coworkers and everyone I know, then visit them one by one to clarify the truth, the outcome would be much better than it was.

I experienced two incidents that touched me. One of my coworkers had a serious illness. Later, it improved some and he was able to come to work. In my dream, Master gave me a hint to clarify the truth to this coworker. I did not do it immediately. Soon afterwards, this coworker passed away, and I was very regretful for not having talked to him. The other thing was, after I had left my previous workplace, there was no Dafa practitioner there anymore. One day, I came across a previous coworker, who was a CCP member and was influential at the workplace. After a brief talk, I clarified the truth to her and encouraged her to quit the CCP. To my surprise, she readily accepted what I told her and agreed to quit immediately.

From this experience I thought, why do I wait so long to clarify the truth to people and not approach them directly? I visit different people every day in my business. Then if I clarify the truth with the same kind of determination, won't this mean that I will save more people?

Furthermore, why didn't I fully recognize the importance of Dafa disciples' saving sentient beings and consider this the highest priority? This is because I did not truly understand the sacredness and preciousness of Dafa or the significance of saving sentient beings. This is also because I did not really understand the meaning of being a Dafa disciple. If Dafa work is mixed with human notions of selfishness, how can it be sacred?