(Clearwisdom.net) Having experienced illegal detention and witnessed the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, I developed a wrong notion. After I left the forced labor camp, I began to consider Master's lectures and other truth-clarification materials as potential "evidence" that the evil might use against us to persecute and convict us. With this fear, I could not concentrate when reading the Fa. Someone walking outside my apartment could trigger a panic reaction so strong that I quickly hid my Dafa books.

Later I met some practitioners who had also suffered detention, yet they carried themselves with honor and dignity. I was quite ashamed when I compared myself to them. After reflection, I found my own problem, which was rooted in selfishness.

Treating Master's books and other truth-clarification materials as potential "evidence" that might be used against me was a very indecent notion and an insult to Master and the Fa. Having that thought was acknowledging evil "logic" and siding with the evil. That thought had the effect of maintaining and enhancing the evil forces.

Master raised an issue in Zhuan Falun,

"Do you know what we're doing here? Aren't we guiding you upward in cultivation? You should stop and give a little thought to some things. This book can guide your cultivation--now think, isn't it precious? You worship Buddha, but can that help you do true cultivation? You're very pious and you handle that Buddha's statue like fragile glass, and you burn incense for it every day, yet you dare to tamper with the Great Law that can truly guide your cultivation." ("The Ninth Talk")

Compared with the above lecture, wasn't my own notion tampering with the Great Law?

In the article "Further Understanding" (in Essentials for Further Advancement), Master wrote,

"The tests for you to pass are in fact meant to remove your demon-nature. Nonetheless, from time to time you have used various excuses or Dafa itself to hide it, and failed to improve your xinxing while missing opportunities again and again."

I was persecuted by the evil due to my own attachments, but I failed to recognize that. And I further enhanced my wrong notions, such as: "Keeping Teacher's lectures will result in persecution" and "Distributing the informational materials will get me in trouble." These were the worst kind of thoughts that were created by the rotten old forces, but I left room for them to survive in my mind.

In the tidal wave of the Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples are the most dignified and sacred beings created by Dafa. The power of our truth could dissolve the evil forces instantly. The key is to constantly measure our thoughts with the Fa to ensure that we do not deviate from the right path.

During a sharing, a practitioner told me his thoughts. He told me that after he studies the Fa, he properly puts away the book out of respect to Dafa, not because of fear. When I saw Master's portrait displayed in the practitioner's home, I felt so ashamed that I could not say a word. I became determined to eliminate all the unrighteous thoughts, to deny the evil "logic" and to walk the right cultivation path.

November 17, 2009