(Clearwisdom.net) Today, after thinking about past experiences and trials, I suddenly realized that practitioners should not think about good things or bad things, and much less should we entertain unrighteous thoughts. The basis behind thinking of pleasant/happy things is the attachment of complacency, the show-off mentality, the pursuit of comfort and enjoyment, and the attachment of self-interest. Thoughts of negative things are also ruled by numerous attachments. These are all thoughts that practitioners should not have and these are all attachments that need to be eliminated through cultivation.

Practitioners should not be attracted to pleasant, comforting thoughts because behind these thoughts lie the attachments of complacency, the show-off mentality, the pursuit of comfort and enjoyment, self-interest, and many other attachments. These unpleasant motivations are hard to discover. Pleasing thoughts are based on attachment to the luxuries of ordinary society, and practitioners should not have these earthly desires. Everything is predestined, so cultivators should practice non-action.

Practitioners should not think bad thoughts either. To constantly think negatively is a manifestation of fear. A practitioner's fear is a definite example of lack of belief in the Fa and Teacher. As Falun Dafa cultivators, we have had our karma borne by Teacher, who has rearranged our lives for the path of cultivation. No matter where we go, we are guarded by Teacher's Fashen and the deities that defend the Fa. As long as we think righteous thoughts and do righteous deeds, constantly rectify our every thought, complete the tasks teacher has assigned us, and walk the road of cultivation correctly, what do we have to fear? Teacher has given us the best of everything.

I believe that fear is divided into two categories. The first is innocent fright, which is an irrational worry stemming from the interference of a corrupt mentality and matter. We must realize that it is not a part of us and eliminate it immediately. The other type of fear hides deeper and includes the more degenerate attachments of fame, fortune, sentimentality, and self. In order to follow the righteous path of cultivation we must dig this fear out by the roots.

I also realized that practitioners should not have an ounce of unrighteous thought. This includes the attachment to happiness, the longing to display one's abilities, resentment, loathing, frustration, fear, competitiveness, taking pleasure in others' pain, disdain, an urge to commit wrong deeds, greed, curiosity, pretentiousness, prejudice, reliance, and many others. This means that we must at all times evaluate our every thought, word, or action according to the Fa. Degenerate elements should be eliminated so that we will take fewer wrong turns and experience fewer losses. We must not give the old forces any excuse or opportunity to persecute us. We must perform righteously during every step of our cultivation in order to return to our origins under Teacher's guidance.

Kindly point out any shortcomings in my understanding.

November 10, 2009