(Clearwisdom.net) Shortly after the 2009 Chinese New Year in 2009, sixty-eight-year-old practitioner Ms. Ma fell down the stairs in the hallway of her apartment on her way to go shopping. The fall was severe enough to damage her spinal cord. However, she had righteous thoughts, denied the old forces' arrangement and asked Master for help. She got up and walked laboriously back to her apartment on the second floor. For a couple of days she had to rely on others for help. Her children wanted her to get a medical examination, but she refused. She told them not to worry and would be better within days.

She persisted in sending righteous thoughts several times per day and eliminated bad substances. Three weeks after the incident, barely able to stand, she started practicing the Falun Gong exercises. Three days later, she was able to bend down to complete the fourth exercise. Five days later, she walked without difficulty. Due to the injury she could not sit up and therefore kept two elbows on a bed for support while kneeling in front of the bed when studying the Fa. She ignored the discomforts from scraped skin and pain of the injury.

I visited Ms. Ma thirty days after the incident. She told me, "If I had checked into the hospital, I would have been paralyzed. I refused to go there and did not take any medication. I strongly believe in Master and Dafa. Under Master's protection I not only fully recovered, but also threw away my reading glasses. Now I can read Zhuan Falun without the glasses and can see the words clearly. I went downstairs after the incident. The neighbors were surprised at such a quick recovery. My children applauded the power of Dafa."

About four years ago, Ms. Ma developed a large lump in her abdomen, which made it look like she was four or five months pregnant. Her child urged her to get a checkup at a hospital, but she refused, believing it to be a test in her cultivation. She sent righteous thoughts every day to eliminate the interference. Her condition improved at times, but appeared to grow worse at other times. At its worst, her stomach looked like a stuffed balloon and felt hard. She could not sit up straight and could not eat. It lasted for several years, but she did not treat it as an illness and continued doing the three things. She relied on her strong belief in Dafa and the righteous thoughts she and the other practitioners sent. The symptoms lessened gradually; her abdomen got smaller, and her body became lighter.

Master takes care of our bodies as Dafa practitioners and purifies them when the time is right. According to Master's teachings, we should not experience any illnesses. Why is it, then, that practitioners occasionally appear to have illness symptoms? Some practitioners were burdened with illness symptoms and some of them even died. This is a ploy from the old forces - heaped on those who lingered on in a steadily worsening condition. The old forces take advantage of their mindset when a practitioner is confused on the concepts of personal cultivation and the Fa-rectification process. Our practitioners should not have any illnesses. We cannot treat illness symptoms as sickness karma during the Fa-rectification era, or endure the old forces' evil acts, which would lead us onto the path they arranged. We should firmly believe in Master and Dafa and completely negate the old forces' arrangements. We do not recognize the fake illness symptoms, do not accept them and eliminate them along with the other bad elements. We will look inward and improve our xinxing during the process.