(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I have been clarifying the truth face to face using multiple approaches and deeply feel the necessity to save sentient beings at every moment. I do this naturally and now it has become automatic. I feel very regretful and as though I am wasting time if I don't do it enough each day.

Not long ago I suddenly realized that in such an urgent period to save more people, we should be more rigorous about doing this and should set this as a assignment for ourselves to clarify the facts at every opportunity, and try to save every person that we encounter. Approaching it this way may make it sound like an ordinary job, but from the Fa I understand that any social form in the current society can be utilized righteously for Fa-rectification. We must remain constantly aware of the urgency to save people. In fact, this new awareness has made much more diligent.

In the past, I didn't have a clear understanding about the importance of clarifying the truth and was fearful. As a result, I would only try to do it whenever I remembered to, and sometimes I would find excuses not to. Later I realized that I was not doing enough and that I could not remain so ignorant and irresponsible. Master requires us to be more and more diligent. I would surely fall behind if I allowed myself to remain in such a state! I made up my mind to assign myself this task, to step up my efforts to dispel any misunderstandings about Falun Gong. Because I had my own business, I realized that I was in a unique position to help people by using paper currency with truth clarifying phrases written on them. I would use these bills two or three times each day, and as many as twenty bills each time. I would take every available opportunity to chat with people and to expose the persecution. I felt so replenished and good after the first day that I did this. The more I did it, the more my fear disappeared. Now I can talk at any time and have become good at it. Today, at a business dinner with my customers, when I spoke out, loudly enough to be overheard, about how Dafa is practiced openly and with dignity by millions overseas, several customers were gaping. As I continued speaking, I realized that the previously noisy nearby tables had suddenly become quieter as other people were also listening. I noticed that they had even stopped eating and were listening to me. With the boundless wisdom given to me by Master and Dafa, I was able to dispel any concerns they had.

Of course, although we may set this up as a task for ourselves, it is quite different from an ordinary job. It comes out of our heart of compassion and it reminds us to clarify the truth everyday. There is no pursuit or self-validation involved in doing this, which may bring about an attachment. Instead we are doing this to save people, with as much wisdom as possible, thoroughly and to the point. We can summarize and share the lessons and experiences we learn but not be attached to the results. This is my understanding in applying such a method in ordinary society.

I think that if we persist in this, clarifying the truth will become a habit and we will just naturally do it. It will no longer be necessary to have it be a "task," because the act of clarifying the truth will have filled our life at every opportunity and at every moment.

Above it is just my personal understanding. Please point anything improper.