(Clearwisdom.net) On Sunday, November 22, 2009, twenty-nine Falun Gong practitioners from Yongxing County in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province made use of their weekend and gathered in one practitioner's house in the city. They studied the Fa and exchanged cultivation experiences.

Someone knocked on the door a little after noon. The woman host saw that it was the police and she quickly shut the door. The police then threatened and compelled her husband to bring the keys to open the door. In this way, the police barged in and arrested all of them.

One older female practitioner stood up and said a few words of justice, "You all also have friends. We came here to visit our friends, this is perfectly normal." Before she finished her words, a policeman from the Chengnan police station grabbed her by the hair and hit her in the face. Another practitioner said, "You are law enforcers yet you assault people?" The policeman pushed the male practitioner onto the sofa. Then he pounced on the practitioner who spoke up for the woman. The police hit four practitioners in a row.

Later, it was found out that a few dozen police officers from the 610 Office in Yongxing County, the Domestic Security Division and the Chengnan Police Station arrested twenty-nine practitioners. During the trial, they forced every practitioner to sign their name on a register and put their thumb prints next to it.

That day, practitioners above the age of 60 were extorted of money and released. Some family members had as much as 3,000 to 4,000 yuan extorted from them. The ten practitioners below 60 were detained, including Ceng Linfang. Four practitioners, including Cao Shuiju and Wang Bixiang, were locked up in the detention center. More details will follow later.

Contact numbers of the personnel who participated in the persecution of these practitioners:
Yi Shuiping, Politics and Law Committee Deputy Head and 610 Office Head: 86-13973538472 (Cell), 86-735-5566099 (Office)
Ceng Yigang, 610 Office Deputy Head: 86-13087256676 (Cell), 86-735-5523599 (Home), 86-735-5566610 (Office)
Liu Hongchuan, Police Department Deputy Head: 86-13973512656 (Cell), 86-735-5566936 (Office)
Domestic Security Division Office: 86-735-5566086
Li Songlin, Domestic Security Division Head: 86-13975588829 (Cell), 86-735-5566086 (Office)
Liu Xiaopeng, Domestic Security Division Political Head: 86-13786565863 (Cell), 86-735-5528330 (Home), 86-735-5566086 (Office)
Ma Jie, policeman of Domestic Security Division: 86-13975792888 (Cell)
Kuang Li, policeman of Domestic Security Division: 86-13973535838 (Cell)
Ye Wei, Chengnan Police Station Police Head: 86-13517356569 (Cell)
Li Chenghua, Chengnan Police Station Political Head: 86-13975591623 (Cell)
Cao Qinguang, Detention Center Head: 86-13873595596 (Cell), 86-735-5522933 (Office)
Xiao Guanglai, Detention Center Political Head: 86-13762541558 (Cell), 86-735-5522933 (Office)
Liu Zhong, Detention Center Head: 86-735-5526733 (Office), 86-13574532528 (Cell)
Zhang Jianrong, Detention Center Political Head: 86-735-5526733 (Office), 86-735-5567169 (Home), 86-13973535799 (Cell)

December 4, 2009