(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to take the opportunity to share my recent cultivation experiences. Since I have some knowledge of electronics, I often find myself repairing home electronics for others. Then a practitioner had a problem with his printer and asked me for help. Since I had never repaired printers before I wasn't sure I could fix it, but I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be a small issue and I quickly fixed it.

Since then, whenever practitioners asked me to fix their printers, I would thus learn and try to fix them. Some were fixed and some were not. Later, with Master's arrangement, I met another practitioner who was an expert at repairing printers. With his guidance, I have greatly improved my technical skills. In time, I was able to learn how to fix many printers.

After the last couple of years, I feel that the process of repairing printers is also a process of my cultivation. In the beginning, I didn't have any thoughts other than fixing the printers and the results were good. The repaired printers worked very well. Other times, some practitioners would tell me that the printers that I had fixed still had issues. I would tell them that it was fixed and if they had more problems to bring it back so I could take a look at it. One practitioner returned with a printer, but when I checked it out there didn't seem to be a problem, so I said to him, "Maybe you are mistaken." He said, "How can that be?" After he tried it a few times, he took it home. After a while he called me and said that the printer still had problems. At that time, I recalled that there was an article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website that said when printers have problems, one needs to look within at one's xinxing. So I told him to look within. Once he found his problem, the printer started working again. After this experience, whenever I see a printer that needs repeated repairing, I ask the practitioner to look inward.

After a while, I felt that my repairing skills were pretty good, so I started feeling complacent and thought that repairing printers was not difficult at all. One time, some practitioners' printer stopped working after I fixed it. I told them to bring it back. When I checked it, I found that it indeed had problems. I was repairing another printer at the same time. When I fixed the jamming issue, the ink would not come out. When I tried to fix the ink issue, the print head was burnt. After I replaced the print head, I found that the motherboard was bad. I was stunned: What was happening? Why was I having so much trouble today? Could this all be the cause of their problems or mine? After thinking for a while, I remembered Master's teachings and realized that everything in my life is related to my cultivation and are factors that help me improve. So I studied the Fa and looked within. I found a lot of problems, such as blaming fellow practitioners for their printer problems, not realizing I was also involved and that I also needed to look within. When I was repairing printers, I did not treat them as instruments for validating the Fa, I just treated them like regular machines. I did not realize that they were also here to help Master validate the Fa. I was not meticulous when I repaired the printers, returning them without checking them carefully. When I was working on the printers, my mind was not focused. When I found these problems, suddenly my mind became clear. I adjusted my attitude and started repairing the machines meticulously and carefully. Quickly, the printers were all fixed. After a long time, I found that when I was cultivating well and repairing the printers with a pure mind, the printers worked very well and seldom needed repairing. On the other hand, when I have not cultivated well, the printers often have problems. In this case, I need to study the Fa more and look within to improve myself.

The process of repairing the instruments for validating the Fa is also the process of improving our xinxing. Like clarifying the truth, one can achieve very good results with a pure heart. We can also eliminate many attachments in this process, such as the attachment to doing things, zealotry, complacency, etc. Only then can we improve as a whole body, do the three things well, and accomplish the sacred mission of saving sentient beings.

Please point out anything in my understanding that may be incorrect.

November 3, 2009