(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Kang Li, from Zhonghe City, Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province, was illegally arrested in 2003 and sentenced to an eight-year prison term. He is detained at Guangyuan Prison. He has been tortured to the point of becoming emaciated and his mind has become unstable. He has been transferred to the prison hospital and doesn't recognize any of his family members. Guard Tian Yong has also confiscated a photo of his wife from him.

Guards at Guanyuan Prison have been physically and mentally persecuting practitioners. They frequently torture practitioners using methods which include shocking practitioners with several electronic batons at the same time, beating practitioners when they are hung by their handcuffs for long periods of time, using their fists, feet or a club with spikes to beat practitioners, forcing practitioners to stand under the scorching sun or in the winter snow for long periods of time, sleep deprivation for a week's time, denied use of the restroom, confined in a small cell, and no communication with other practitioners or criminal inmates. The prison also instigates the most vicious inmates to monitor practitioners all year round.

Prison Hospital of Guangyuan Prison, Sichuan Province: 86-839-3950100 ext: 6250

Chief officer of Guanyuan Prison: Wei Jiancheng
Deputy chief officer of Guanyuan Prison: Xie Ming
Section Four director of Guangyuan Prison: Zhan Weiming
Guangyuan Prison: 86-839-3956063 (Office)