(Clearwisdom.net) On December 23, 2009, a Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held in Tokyo, Japan. Young and adolescent practitioners from Tokyo and surrounding regions attended the event, and shared their personal cultivation experiences.

In order to establish an environment to compare in studying, compare in cultivating, improve as a whole, and maintain good cultivation states amongst young Dafa disciples, the conference was held in Tokyo for students and those who had recently stepped into society. Through this sharing amongst practitioners of similar age, the young practitioners were able to find their own shortcomings in cultivation, and do better in the three things on their paths to completing the mission of Dafa disciples.

Qian Qian, who arrived in Japan two years ago, shared that she had not been diligent since she obtained the Fa in 1997. Upon her arrival in Japan, with the assistance of fellow practitioners, she was able to persist in Fa study and do the exercises every day. She thus found her school studies improved as a result.

Jiang Zhuoxiu, who began cultivation at age 6, lost the group Fa study environment with fellow practitioners, due to the persecution, and had begun to gradually drift away from Dafa. After she moved to Japan, she tried hard to study the Fa, but had difficulty with concentration. After she shared with her mother, Jiang Zhuoxiu was very regretful for failing to walk her path well in the past, and felt that the only way to truly see her flaws, was to express these shortcomings in writing. Zhuoxiu also felt she should become more diligent, to live up to Master's benevolent saving.

Tianzhong Jingzi, who is in her fourth year at a university, began cultivation in grade five. Due to restrictions from family members who did not practice however, she did not do well in Fa study and exercises. Recently, through encouragement from fellow practitioners she began taking part in Fa-rectification projects and became diligent. Tianzhong Jingzi mentioned that she was easily influenced by the surrounding environment, and without encouragement in her study and exercise practice, she could quickly drift away from the Fa. Thus she very much cherishes the environment she has to cultivate and elevate together with fellow practitioners.

Yang Xueying, who is in her second year of high school, arrived in Japan five years ago. Back in China, she had helped her parents in creating truth clarification materials, and validated the Fa on Tiananmen Square. After she moved to Japan, due to language problems and pressures at school, she became less diligent in cultivation. Nevertheless, with her parents' encouragement she actively participated in Fa rectification activities, and maintained a good state. Yang Xueying said, "It was Master who brought me out of the evil persecution, and walked along with me until today." Whenever she thought of the freedom they had as a family of three, to encourage each other and cultivate diligently together, she felt very happy inside, and that it was the honor of Dafa disciples to be able to shoulder the great responsibilities of assisting Master in Fa rectification. She said one must not slack off even in the last moments of cultivation.

Zuo Du, who attended a Shen Yun Performing Arts show while he studied in Switzerland, shared that before cultivation, he had a mindset of doubting others, and guised himself in everyday life. However, after he saw Shen Yun, Zuo Du felt the purity of Dafa disciples, from the bottom of his heart. Now an active participant in Fa-validation, Zuo Du hopes to improve together with fellow practitioners through this conference.

Fa Zi, who turned 15 this year, shared how she gave up the attachments to lust in her adolescent years. After she started middle school, she was gradually influenced by surrounding peers, and began reading comics and romantic novels related to young women. Occasionally she also played love games on the computer. When her mother discovered a romantic novel on the table, she immediately shared with Fa Zi her understandings based on the Fa. Fa Zi soon returned all of the comics and novels, and removed the computer game. She began sending forth righteous thoughts to clear her own field, and admitted her wrong doings to Master while promising never to let evil interfere with her again. Fa Zi now studies one lecture of Zhuan Falun each day, and maintains a good cultivation state, while doing the things which Dafa disciples should do.

Ye Shang obtained the Fa through friends about two years ago while he studied abroad in the US. He shared some miraculous experiences he had during the early phases of his practice, and shared his thoughts about participating in truth clarification activities after he moved to Japan. In the sharing, Ye Shang said young Dafa disciples can be easily influenced by everyday society, in particular through television. Many television programs today pursue extreme excitement, comedy, violence, etc., which is very much accepted by everyday society.

"A person is like a container, and he is whatever he contains." ("Melt Into the Fa" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Ye Shang referred to Master's Fa teaching, and emphasized that Dafa practitioners should not watch things with bad content.

After this conference, many young Dafa disciples said they felt this opportunity was very precious, and they gained many things through participation. In particular, the sharings of some teenage disciples were very pure, and allowed fellow practitioners to realize their own shortcomings. Everyone hoped that similar events would be held more frequently in the future, to better achieve "compare in studying, compare in cultivating."