(Clearwisdom.net) A while ago I had a dream in which I was with a fellow practitioner, trying to climb a steep mountain. I was carrying a heavy backpack on my back. Despite our best efforts, the mountain was too steep and slippery for us to make any progress. Seeing no way to succeed, I was sitting at the foot of the mountain in a very depressed mood as I woke up. This dream made me feel very uneasy.

As I looked inward, I found that, because I use human notions to view problems, misunderstandings of varying degrees existed between me and many other practitioners. They are the obstacles keeping me from consummating and returning home.

Although I see the problem now, it was not clear to me how to go about resolving it. Such a state lingered for some time. Then I realized that my path of cultivation was arranged by Master. I must elevate my main consciousness within a certain time period in order to move on. Otherwise, I might fail in my cultivation.

I decided that I must take the initiative to resolve the misunderstandings. I knew that behind every misunderstanding there was some attachment or attachments. I must let go of the attachment before righteous thoughts could emerge and guide me to act righteously. I also believed that I must develop strong compassion and the desire to wish others well in order to resolve any misunderstanding.

There was a fellow practitioner with whom I developed a misunderstanding while making calls to clarify the facts about Falun Gong to the people in China. One day I contacted her on-line, through Skype. She was surprised to hear from me. At first she was not very open. Then she noticed that I was sincere, and we gradually moved on to the topic of what had happened in the past. I gathered from what she said that she felt very strongly that she had been mistreated. In sum, she was pointing out that I was not a considerate individual, I had no ability to understand, and I had acted irrationally.

In the past, if I had heard such negative comments, I would have gotten angry and quit talking to the other person, because I used to think that I was very capable and always handled things rationally. This time I was calm and said to her, "You are right. I was confused sometimes and did not do a good job doing Dafa activities. I hope you can forgive me for that." She was happy to treat me as a confidant. Why was I able to stay calm when I heard her negative comments? I think it was because I had let go of my ego. In the past I used human experience to guide me and felt that I had more experience than she, so I looked down on her. Such human notions were the cause of our problem.

A few days later, she sent me an e-mail: "Last Saturday when we were making calls to get people to do the three withdrawals (withdrawing from the CCP and its youth organizations), six more fellow practitioners joined us. We were very successful and all of us were very happy." Another practitioner asked her, "How come we have so many more callers to-day?" She replied, "It is because I have communicated with another practitioner, and we have reached a deeper understanding of the Fa principles." I was moved by her message and sent her a reply, saying, "This is because you have forgiven me. Thank you so much!" Since that day, she has kept me informed about her activities. When I went to bed that evening, I felt that my body in other dimensions was rising, breaking through many levels.

Although I was successful in resolving this one conflict and misunderstanding with this practitioner, there are similar and even greater problems with other practitioners that cannot be easily resolved. However, I am confident that once the human attachment responsible for the problem is identified and removed, the problem will go away. Another point that comes to mind is that it helps to resolve the problem before it gets more serious.