(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wei Baoxia is a retired worker from Tonghua City Geography Division in Jilin Province. Communist regime officials have persecuted her over the last decade, including illegal arrests, home ransacking, extortion, brainwashing, and stay in a labor camp.

Below is a summary of the persecution Wei Baoxia experienced.

Ms. Wei Baoxia went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in November 2000. After her arrival at Tiananmen Square, two security officials asked for her identity. She tried to explain Falun Gong to them. A group of plainclothes police officers approached her and pushed her into a police vehicle. Another practitioner who was also held in the vehicle unfurled a banner with the words "Falun Dafa is good," to show it to people through the car window. The police slapped Ms. Wei's face once and the other practitioner twice.

Ms. Wei was taken to the Tiananmen Police Station where she refused to give her name. She was taken to the Huairou Detention Center that night where she went on hunger strike to protest. After five days of detention at that facility, she was taken back to the Changliu Detention Center in Tonghua City. The police extorted an amount of money from her equal to all expenses incurred during her transport from Huairou to Tonghua. She was held at the Changliu Detention Center for 45 days and was extorted 2,000 yuan without documentation, which was deducted from her salary. Officials at the Laozhan Police Station also extorted 3,000 yuan "guarantee money" from her family without issuing a receipt.

Tonghua City Party School officials held a brainwashing session on February 23, 2001. The officials arrested 52 practitioners in Tonghua City and the surrounding areas, spending more than 100,000 yuan taxpayers' money in the process. Officials from the Security Section of the Geography Division, Ms. Wei's former workplace, along with officials from the Laozhan Police Station and the community arrested Ms. Wei and took her to a brainwashing facility. They forced her to watch slanderous videos and performances and assigned people to monitor her around the clock, as they slept and ate alongside her. They coerced her to write guarantee statements or they would not let her go home. After more than 20 days of detention and 300 yuan extortion, Ms. Wei's family wrote a guarantee statement on her behalf; and she returned home.

All practitioners held at the brainwashing facility who refused to write guarantee statements were taken to labor camp(s).

Ms. Wei Baoxia was running an errand in July 2005 after recently returning from Beijing when a group of police officials and Party secretary Song Xuezeng from Dongchang District Domestic Security Division went to her home and tried to arrest her. As soon as her son opened the door, the officials ransacked the home and took Falun Gong articles and cassettes. Ms. Weiwas informed of the incident, so she returned home at night.

Three months later, at around 8:00 am on October 13, 2005, five officials from the Dongchang District Domestic Security Division--division head Jing Guiquan, deputy head Tian Yuenan, and political heads Cao Qiuxia, Wang Zuofu and Lin Taiyuan went to Ms. Wei's home and beat on her door. In an attempt to escape from the persecutors, Ms. Wei jumped out of her third-story window and lied on the ground, motionless. The five officials looked at her and did nothing. Ms. Wei's family called an ambulance that took her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with comminuted fracture of both ankles and a compression fracture of the spine. Four officials--Jing Guiquan, Tian Yuenan, Wang Zuofu and Lin Taiyuan, went to the hospital that evening and saw Ms. Wei's calves were purple and severely swollen. They left after making sure she could not move.

Ms. Wei went home after spending only three days in the hospital and was able to sit up in bed after only 20 days and could walk normally after 40 days; amazingly, the bones in her spine and ankles were still shattered [according to hospital X rays], yet they did not prevent her from walking. Everyone who knew about the incident was stunned by the miraculous power of Falun Dafa.

Dongchang District Domestic Security Division agents ordered police stations to arrest Falun Gong practitioners on April 23, 2008 and provided lists of the practitioners' names. Seven officers from the Tuanjie Police Station knocked on Ms. Wei's home door at 9:00 p.m. that night, but she refused to open. The officials waited outside the building and pried the door open with metal tools the next morning. Seven officials forced their way in after they broke the lock and pinned Ms. Weion the ground and triggered her old injuries to flare up again. They ransacked her home and took Falun Gong books, materials and VCDs. Ms. Wei was subsequently taken to the Tonghua County Detention Center and was sent to the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Changchun City 28 days later, to be held for one year.

She was subjected to torture at Team 1, Group 1 at the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp. Inmates assigned to keep Falun Gong practitioners under surveillance wrote a guarantee statement on her behalf after 11 days. Ms. Wei went to guard Wang Xiuli and told her the guarantee statement was void, and told her she knew certain practitioners held at Group 1 refused to write the statements. Inmate An Yanan said to the guard, "Yes they [other practitioners] did write them They wrote them as we fried their necks with electric batons." Guard Wang threatened Ms. Wei; she acquiesced. Once Ms. Wei said during a small meeting, "I think Falun Gong is good." In the afternoon, guard Wang Xiuli called Ms. Weito the disciplinary room where she shocked Ms. Wei's abdomen, arms, chest and other body parts seven times and again coerced her to write a guarantee statement. Ms. Wei refused.

Ms. Wei was forced to make butterfly ornaments at Group 1. She got up at 5:30 am each day to go to the workshop where she toiled until 9:00 pm. She developed severe lower back pain after two months of hard labor and could no longer work. She requested a physical exam, but guard Wang Xiuli said no exam is permitted until she renounces her belief. When she was eventually taken to the hospital, the doctor said she needed two months of bed rest. She was taken back to the labor camp. Officials put a grass mat on the floor where she lay.

Her lower back pain worsened. When she was sent to the hospital for examination again the doctor said she needed surgery, but Ms. Wei refused. She was taken back to the labor camp clinic where she received injections with unknown substances for seven days, which caused dizziness, nausea, hallucinations, malaise, constant drooling and loss of appetite.

Ms. Wei felt chest discomfort on December 5, 2008. Doctor Yang at the labor camp clinic happened to deliver medications to Group 1 and took Ms. Wei to the clinic for an exam. The guard told her to stand behind an X ray machine and then he walked away. Ms. Wei felt a strange gust of air brushing against her back when she was behind the machine. That time, she didn't actually take an x ray of her chest, but after she left the machine, she felt numbness in her back and without feeling, and when walking, her heels were like treading on sponge. From then on her bowel movements were dry and gradually she lost feeling in her abdomen. She had swelling and numbness in the lower back area, and the lower back's numbness later spread to her spine and the back of her head, and she felt her eyes were like soaking in the water. After she was exposed to the rays of the machine, her eyes could always feel taste of food, bitterness and astringency of the medicines. Sweetness of food could reflect to her eyes through her brain. After drinking a cup of milk, she would feel her eyes were soaking in the milk.

Her family once sent her some oranges. After the guards passed them to her, she found the oranges looked watery. After she ate them she felt horrible chest pain as if her heart was dislocated. She went into convulsions and foamed at the mouth.

There was another time, when she went to toilet for bowel movement, she found the stool was white, about 2 inches long. When she poked it with her finger, the outer layer of the stool, like the shell of an encapsulated pill, immediately split open.

Prior to her release, the guard took Ms. Wei to stand under a special lamp in the hallway and the guard immediately left. Ms. Wei soon felt a gust of air or light hitting the back of her neck, she immediately felt her neck cervical vertebra shortened, followed by immediate swelling in the veins on the back of her hands. She also felt tightness in her lower back that prevented her from squatting.

Guard Wang Xiuli once openly said at Group 1: The chain of life in our group will be at risk. People discussed the meaning of her words but they could not understand it. Ms. Wei knew in her heart what she was talking about, because she was exposed under unknown equipment, injected with unknown substances and took unknown medication

Ms. Wei Baoxia was very healthy prior to the persecution, because she believed in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and was a good person, according to the principles of Falun Gong. After one year at the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp, however, her health deteriorated and her appetite declined. She often experienced dizziness, deteriorated eyesight and memory and became so weak that she now needs assistance to walk. Her hands are numb and swollen. She cannot hold a pen. She feels dryness, bitterness and sometimes sweetness in her esophagus and can no longer take care of herself.