(Clearwisdom.net) When one person cultivates Dafa, the whole family benefits. I live in Wei County in Hebei Province. My son is 19 years old this year. In April 2008, my son went to Baoding City to do repair work on the highway. One day, a vehicle carrying 3.5 tons of steel bars arrived at the construction site. My son worked the crane to unload the steel bars from the vehicle. When the steel bars were lifted up, the metal chains securing the bars suddenly loosened. My son could not escape in time.

In an instant, 3.5 tons of steel bars fell heavily on his head. My son suddenly lost his eyesight and he could not move his limbs. He lied there paralyzed. While he was still conscious, he remembered vaguely hearing the people around him say, "This man is badly injured--he won't make it!"

The construction boss had people take him to the local county hospital for emergency treatment. When they arrived, there was only one doctor on duty. Even though my son was in critical condition and after much persuasion, the doctor still refused to admit him. They took him to the city hospital. After the doctors at the city hospital examined him, they found fractures at the back of his skull and in the bones around his eyebrows. The front of his skull was broken and the smashed bones and flesh stuck together and formed a big swollen mess. He spat one tooth out. He was badly disfigured and was deemed in critical condition.

During the emergency treatment, my son fell asleep. When he woke up, he jumped off the bed and went to the restroom to relieve himself. The hospital staff were very surprised: How could someone so badly injured get up and go to the restroom himself without assistance only a few hours after emergency treatment?

Because his boss knew that he had been very badly injured on the job site, he was worried that we would make trouble for them. Consequently, they did not immediately inform us of the accident. After more than 20 days, the boss gave my son only two thousand yuan and told him, "You go home first to rest and recover. After that I will let you go for cosmetic surgery. I will treat your case as worker's compensation." They thus sent my son home.

When my son got home, the moment I saw how badly disfigured he was, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude and I told him, "You returned home alive and survived this tribulation alive. It is Falun Dafa's Master who gave you a second lease on life. How could my son withstand having 3.5 tons of steel bars being dropped on his head? It is not that my son's head is hard, it is the power of Dafa!" My son told me, "When the accident happened, if anyone from the family had been present, they would have fainted. It was just horrible, and the people around me could not bear to take another look."

At home, my son and I read the precious book Zhuan Falun together. He recovered very quickly without taking any medication. The only reminder of the accident is a scar on his face that looks like one left by a cut from a knife. Think about this everyone, wasn't that a miracle?

These are my feelings that I wrote in November 2009. We did not ask for a single cent as compensation from the boss of the construction site. We did not send my son for cosmetic surgery. My son's wages are still short 400 yuan, but we did not make a claim. We knew that we must remember Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and base our actions on the requirements of Master to be good people, to be a even better people!

November 21, 2009