(Clearwisdom.net) Around 3 p.m. on September 17, 2009, officers from the National Security Group of the Jiangbei District and from Huaxinjie Police Station stormed Ms. Yang Songli's home to illegally arrest her. Her son, Gao Yang, closed the door and did not allow them to enter their home. Policemen Liang Shibin and Fan Guoxu then violently kicked the door open.

Gao Yang stood between his mother and the police and tried to prevent her from being taken away. Chen Xiaodong and Liang Shibin pulled him out of the house and beat him to the ground, securing his hands behind his back. Liang Shibin pressed down on Gao Yang's hands with the full weight of his body so that he could not move at all. Liang Shibin mockingly stroked Gao Yang's face with his knee, then stepped hard on his face and head.

Liang Shibin cursed Gao Yang while stomping on his face. Gao Yang asked, "Why do you beat me?" Liang Shibin answered, "Because I like to and you cannot do anything to me. Beating you now is just a light punishment. I will send you to a jail. You are worse than thieves and robbers. You should be beaten."

Liang Shibin made a call to ask for more support. Several policemen arrived. Li Xianyong, who was lurking in the background, stepped up. Another police car from Huaxinjie Police Station arrived. Three officers stepped out of the car and pushed Gao Yang into the car. Gao Yang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Yang Songli shouted in response, "Falun Dafa is good! Heaven will disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party!" The police had ransacked their home right in front of Ms. Yang's husband and the neighbors, taking away two computers and a printer. Ms. Yang was taken to Huaxinjie Police Station.

After arriving at Huaxijie Police Station, Gao Yang was cuffed to a wooden sofa. Because of the previous beatings, he threw up twice. Policeman Liang Shibin, who was responsible for the beatings, released Gao Yang in the evening because they were unable to convict him of anything at that time.

Gao Yang had injuries all over his body. He had a bad headache from the stomping, and his kidneys ached from the kicks. His mother, Yang Songli, was transferred to a brainwashing center and then, with out any legal representation, secretly sentenced to two years in Chongqing City Women's Forced Labor Camp.

On September 30, the policeman in charge of local residency, Fan Guoxu, and the director of Neighborhood Committee, Li Xiaomei, arrived at Gao Yang's home. They came across as being "concerned" about his situation, but, in fact, the were trying to find evidence to further persecute him. Between September 17 and October 27, Fan Guoxu visited Mr. Wang's shoeshine store, which was located close to Gao Yang's home, to try to get more information about Yang Songli and GaoYang. Pressured by Fan Guoxu, Mr. Wang revealed some things about the family. Just two days before Gao Yang was arrested the second time, Mr. Wang told Gao Yang how the policeman had coerced him to say some things about him.

At 7 p.m. on October 27, 2009, after Gao Yang regained his health from the first beatings and arrest, policemen Liang Shibin and Chen Xiaodong broke into Gao Yang's home once again. They arrested him and detained him on the 2nd floor of Huaxinjie Police Station. They wanted to obtain more information about other Falun Gong practitioners from him. However, after one hour of interrogation, their efforts were in vain. Later, Gao Yang was handcuffed to a wooden sofa in a reception room on the 1st floor. He opened the handcuffs and escaped from the station, but he could not go back to his house, so became homeless.

Officers Liang Shibin and Chen Xiaodong often went to his home to harass his father to try to discover Gao Yang's whereabouts. With his wife in a forced labor camp and his son homeless, Gao Yang's father lived in constant fear of police harassment, making his existence very difficult.

Those responsible for this unlawful persecution on September 17, 2009, were: Policemen from the National Security Group of Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, including Liang Shibin, Chen Xiaodong, Liu Ling, Li Xianyong, and others. Those responsible for the persecution on October 27 were: Policemen Liang Shibin and Chen Xiaodong from the National Security Group of Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, telephone numbers: 86-23-67850597, 86-23-86870291

Fan Guoxu, policeman from Huaxinjie Police Station: 86-23-66162959, 86-23-67855178
Li Xiaomei, director of the Neighborhood Committee